Ellieana’s 1st Birthday!
So it was this little sweethearts 1st Birthday!
{and I have still yet to go out and take her 1yr pictures– ya I am that on top of things :)}
The Party Details
{aka the fun stuff to do}
I had tons of fun making the little flags for the cupcakes and the doily banner and one to hang on the cake stand when I get a sec I’ll do a tutorial on them.

 Also Please ignore the horrible lighting in my photos– yes we live in a basement– and also ignore the disgusting dirty window :) there are no rocks in the well so every time it rains it gets filthy and yes I’ve given up on cleaning it until there are rocks in there :) It looks lovely though right :)

The Party
{We had friends and family there and well Ellie wasn’t to sure about this whole party thing}
 “Wow what’s this?”
 “Oh You want me to Eat this?” “umm absolutly not!”
 “That kinda tasted good”
 “No I take it back- Leave me alone”
 But Ellie did love Brynley’s present that she made her. A yummy yummy fruit loop necklace.
 Payton and Bryn loved helping  her open the presents to-of course :)
I can’t believe how fast a year passes–
Ellie is my little girl and my only child that’s been a momma’s girl, she definitely lives up to her red hair with her fiery personality and she knows what she likes and what she doesn’t- Though she hates to cuddle and have her hands held she is so loving and such a happy baby- We are so blessed to have our little bug in our family.
We love you Ellieana!
Saying Goodbye.
 We had to say goodbye on a beautiful spring Day to our sweet loving Grandma Nola
Really we were happy for her to be able to rest and be reunited with her loved ones. I only got to know her a short time and so I loved learning about her during the funeral– she was an amazing wonderful lady! The kind that you want to be like when you grow up.
Her funeral was beautiful and full of loving family and friends
It was wonderful that my kids were able to know her and spend time with her when Mom took care of her. Brynley grew really fond of her and loved the grandma with the “broken ears” :) What a blessing to know and have as a grandma such a wonderful woman!
The Beginnings of a Home
The Beginnings of a Home

So I have a really hard time sometimes with Huge projects–
the projects that you can’t wrap your head around,
that you can’t think of all the steps in your head–
The projects that are very costly and that you will have to live with for a long long time.
Ya those kind of projects make me very very scared and indecisive. did I mention very scared ?

So what’s the Huge project……….

Our New Home.
{scary, fun, exciting, scary, lots of work, scary, but so exciting too}
We’ll be building across from Dave’s parents and close to a lot of his family.
It’s a nice big open field– where we’ll be able to have room for a shop and some chickens and pigs and let our kids play in the dirt and they’ll be able to work with grandpa and help grandma– we’re very excited to live close by them.
So a lot of my time and attention has been directed toward our house plans. I don’t want to admit it but I am a very opinionated person when it comes to what I like, especially in a layout of a home.
 {due not I will deny ever saying this :)}
So it was pretty much an impossibility finding a plan that worked perfectly for me and the plan is to be living in this house for a very long time, so I knew I’d be drawing our plans {stressful} I enjoy playing around and drawing house plans and have a binder full of ones I’ve drawn but this was different this was a BIG PROJECT. It had to be perfect and work for us for along time.
So life looked like this for me for quite a while
Measuring everything, living off the caffeine, editing the plan on the computer, remeasuring stuff, asking everyone what they would do in their house :)
Finally I came up with this
My crudely photoshoped version of what I wanted the outside to be similar to.
The Main Floor
and the Basement
and this is what we finally turned into the Architect. I’ll go through our house plan but that’s for a whole different post :)
Cake Plate Tutorial
Cake Plate Tutorial
I know that this tutorial has been done a thousand times over but I have wanted a cake plate stand FOREVER.
{does anyone else always have the sandlot movie pop in their head when saying forever– best movie ever :)}
So this is what I started with

found at good old D.I. for a whoppin 50cents

So I painted it white- and found a white square plate at Walley world aka Walmart

Than we got some of this– Gorilla Glue Epoxy– ya Gorilla glue your my friend :)

Hubby Marked the plate where we wanted it to be

Added the glue, stuck the stand on and let it sit for a day.

And Wallah a cake stand for Ellie’s Birthday Cake :)