Black Betty
I’ve been spoiled
After 7yrs with my faithful computer- 
Dave finally Upgraded me.

Truthfully I was a little sad to see my old computer go- I mean me and her we have a history, but I knew I was in trouble though when I was having to delete things to make room so I could save other things.
My 300 gb hard drive wasn’t cutting it for me anymore. :(

So now I have my {dun dun tada!}

Black Betty!

1.5 Tera-byte Hard Drive
A Hyper Threaded Quad Core
Intel i7 processor
Windows 7 with 64bit capabilities
6gb Ram
10 usb ports
a big blue flashing light fan :)

{I say all this like I really know what I’m talking about :) all I know is that I got lots of room and it’s speedy speedy Gonzales fast and I can actually have Pandora going while I open Photoshop and Illustrator and Bridge and a million other tabs :) Its so lovely }

 Also for the record we won’t mention her umm slightly not so pretty looks- she’s fast and nice and new!

PS. Dave is a bit disgruntled with me for naming her Black Betty because our sweet shotty Shot gun is also named Black Betty, but I mean come on Black Betty just fits her perfectly :) don’t you agree?!

PPS. please say were not the only crazies in the world that give names to their possessions. :)

PPPS. This post brought to you by the wicked awesome Black Betty :)

and they keep growing and growing…….
My Niece and Nephew started out like this …. so sweet and small
 Well.. somewhere along the way the turned into these cute chunky smiley babies!
 I love getting to be the lucky photographer getting to capture their stages :)
 Easter was Sweeeet!
We are very very lucky to get to be around our families- We decorated and colored eggs, had an easter hunt and got to go to church with my family.

Ellie sported pig tails for the event :)
And than we got to go over with the whole Foster Bunch and have an BBQ party!
Grandma continued the tradition of Throwing Candy {next year our kids will wear helmets :)}

 There was a dirt pile which was a big hit with the kids :)
 They had just gotten their piggies too {man those guys can squeal!}
 We played us some horsey balls which is always fun
 All the kids had some fourwheel rides round the yard
 And Ellie made a friend that was just her size
 She of course wanted to play with the toys too
 And was so so so cute and loving!
 We would have taken her home to live with us if she hadn’t already been sold– Next batch for sure though were getting us a sweet little boxer puppy.
Like I said Easter was so Sweet! It was a beautiful wonderful sunny day filled with family and friends and the remembrance of a wonderful amazing life and Resurrection and the possibility of being with our families forever. I Love Easter!
Playing Catch-Up
Please Pardon my clogging up your readers but dear ol’ blog is in need of an intense game of