movin movin movin finally
No were not moving out of the basement into our house yet– :( But Ellie is finally Moving!! Yay!
My kids have always been slow to crawl and walk but I won’t lie this stubborn red head absolutely refused to crawl until she was dang ready and even now she won’t let mom show it off to everybody unless I really offer her some incentive.
{yep I used my lens cap to get her to move this time- she was excited about that}
Man I sure do love this little girl.
The Calm before the Storm
 The Snow has melted. The ground has thawed. Spring is almost here.
Which means for us that it is almost time to build our home and it is gonna be crazy, crazy busy.
Today was Day one for us– We had to take down and relocate half the fence that we put up 3yrs ago.
It was my than first fence putting up and it was now my first fence tearing down :)
Lucky for us we had Uncle Steve’s and awesome Dad there to tell us {more like me} how to do these  darn country things.
I was the lucky sucker who got to take out all the staples, put staples in the new posts and unscrew all the bolts on the braces- It was very quiet nice repetitive work except for the fact that my hands are killing now.
 Did I mention that fencing really isn’t my thing- 
That barbed stuff is sharp.
And it tends to be cold and windy and gotta wear them covey’s kinda of a job everytime.
 No I don’t think I’ll become a professional fencer- 
My hands hurt, I’m chilled to the bone, and man was I pretty dang slow at it :) 
But Yay Yay happy dance were one step closer and it feels so much better to be doing something than to just be dreaming and planning– I like it. :)
Project 52 • week 9

So the assignment this week was b&w street photography….

I actually kinda laughed when I found out that this was the assignment this week– I mean I live in a rural town now and it’s winter still and cold and no one is usually out and about walking– The country isn’t built that way– people are almost always in their cars.  And how was I gonna go out and do some street photography with my two little girls- one in a car seat still- ya I can just picture myself lugging around the carseat and the camera trying to make sure bryn doesn’t get run over and taking pictures or trying to take pictures of people walking around in the cold winter air :) It was kinda laughable– I’d be laughing if I saw a mom doing that so………

Though I didn’t want to be left out and not do the assignment so I did the best I could– This is main-street in my town in the winter on a weekend nonetheless :) Yes it’s just thriving with activity :)

Did I mention I love my town though it’s special and I like the quietness.
Doggone winter.
Is it here still– Yep yep it is.
Am I sick of it?– Yep Yes I am!
Did Tiki and Bruno get Tapeworms?-
Yep- Yes they did.
Did I freak out and wash every surface Tiki has ever touched in our house and ban him to my parents house
Yep yes I did– and than I got the Flu :)
Did I mention I am so sick of this Winter– 
will it ever end– 
will I ever have a desire to create some stuff again– 
I sure hope so. Otherwise this blog is bound to be even more Boring than it is right now :)
So- sorry for the boringness I just really haven’t been me lately– soon, hopefully soon.