Camping 2013 {Meadow Lake}
Camping 2013 {Meadow Lake}
So one of the things on my 30 before 30 list was to take our kids backpacking to Palisades…. and given that this was the last weekend before school started I planned for us to go.
In reality there was a lot of hee and hawing about whether or not we should go, Dave still has two herniated discs and backpacking 7miles in to a lake didn’t seem like possibly the best thing to do. Dave said he could do it, I well I didn’t want him to get hurt, so at last min. after we already have our backpacks all packed we decided to just do a camping trip up at Meadow lake.
If your wondering….. the kids LOVED it!
Getting to ride in back of the truck is always super exciting for them!
 We checked out some of the old deserted mines around there, and had fun turning off our flashlights and seeing how dark it was.
 We took a little hike up to some more mines
 Which Payton had a blast rolling some rocks down the hill and watching Bruno chase them– {That dog is a rock chasin crazy!}

 At about this point when Dave was killing from just our little hike I was very thankful that we weren’t backpacking in. {He built a rock tower while he waited for us to get back}
 Did I mention Payton really loved rolling the rocks down.
 There was a fun little stream that the kids had a blast in.
 And Dirt, much fun dirt and rocks!
Chilling round the campfire and cooking yummy dutch over food- my favorite, meat and potatoes!
 Payton of course wanted to see how things burned and exploded.

 We played BB gun tournament games
I was 100% at 7 shots… ya– I quickly handed the gun over after that didn’t want to mess up a good thing
{Payton now thinks him mommy is an awesome shooter :) }
 Also while Camping this happened……
 Notice any difference between the two photo’s :) Yep all she’ll want for Christmas this year is her two front teeth. {And thank you corn on the cob I was sick of the front tooth hanging out at all sorts of funky angles}
Needless to say I think the kids had a dang fun time.. as did we!
My little kitchen helper!
My little kitchen helper!
 I love my sweet little girl and the fact that she loves to be doing whatever I’m doing!
 Lately she wants to be as big as her brother and sister and help with making dinners and baking!
I just think it’s so cute her sitting on the counter always ready to help and chatting my ear away!
She of course was more than willing to help me devour the yummy raspberries we picked over at grandma’s! The were so delicious! I can’t wait to have our own raspberry patch someday!
My lil’ brother got married!
My little brother got married and it has been busy busy busy! 
 They we’re married in the Beautiful Manti Temple and boy oh boy do I wish we lived closer to it because it is gorgeous and I could take pictures there all day!
 {photographers are always thankful for the cloudy skies– they make beautiful pictures!}
 Our kids were so cute as they waited for them to come out
 they kept looking in and were super excited!
 Our family was in charge of a luncheon and so all that week before I was up to my head in figuring stuff out for decorations and helping with the food and how to set it up.
 There was a misunderstanding on who was doing decorations and so last min. we needed to come up with stuff. Me and my mom were out cutting branches and hot gluing flowers like no bodies business :)
 Dave thankfully was a huge help and took care of all our kid’s needs while I was busy setting up and taking photo’s and getting everything ready. 
Isn’t he so handsome :) 
We served Pork Salad and it was yummy!
 Weddings are so fun, it’s fun to get to see everyone and all the excitement, but I gotta admit I’m a little bit nervous for the one eventual day when I will have to help put together four weddings! I’m glad it won’t happen for quite a while :)
Sibling Love
So I just think my kids are cute! As I’m sure every mother thinks of her own children :)
But one part that I enjoy of being a mother is getting to see my children loving each other
{don’t get me wrong, we have plenty of the fighting and teasing and whining going on- but deep down they really do love each other}

Ellie has been so happy to be a big sister! She was all smiles when I finally let her feed millie a little bit of her bottle
 And while the girls have separate beds, I do quite often find them wanting to be together! I think it is so so sweet!