Project 52 • week 8

A Bugs eye view………

Dear Bug– I am going to squish you. Love Ali

Project 52 • catch up

So I joined a project 52 on facebook which I have had so much fun doing. There is other photographers involved which just makes it fun to see what awesome things they come up with, but sometimes I take more than one pic for the assignment so I thought it would be fun to post them on here.

So to catch up and than I’ll post individual one’s each week.
Week 1 was self portrait {I had no tripod at this time– It was very challenging and cold}

Week2 was b/w image of something that represents YOU {books, tablets, old chairs? who knows}
Week 3 was take a picture of a stranger- I happened to get sick that week and didn’t leave the house once :)
Week 4 was motion and I just flat out slacked and didn’t do it. I felt bad afterwards.
Week 5 was a self portrait with something you love {oh how I love me some Harry Potter}
Week six was Vehicles {I took a last min. pic of my hubby’s other Lover– he hasn’t caressed her much since I came around though )}

and Week 7 was something that represents Broken {I drew a picture similar to this in high school– I felt a bit broken and messed up then :)}

It’s been fun and kinda challenging– especially doing self portraits I’ve never done them before, and trying to be creative with the topics too– so far I’m loving it though- and ya I know your so excited to see more huh :) riiighhhtt.


Ya even I don’t know where I’ve really been it’s just been passing by in a blur.

I know we went Rollerskating..

twice actually and the kids loved it once they learned how not to fall on the butts every few seconds.

And I did couple shots for all of our friends for some practice

which meant we also got to go out to eat with all our friends after taking pictures which was so fun! I am a big fan of eating out without the Kids! It’s somehow so much more enjoyable.
We also built something that I absolutely LOVE out of this scrap wood at my father-in-laws

that I’ll show you once I finish staining and painting it. *hint: It does go by my table :)

and just in the last few weeks we’ve went to two baby blessings

and our nephew’s homecoming– {dear ward- I promise we’re still active, we just happen to be active in other wards}

And I threw a surprise party for this sucka…

It included lots of Pizza, Dew, a Rice Crispy Cake {cuz he hates real cake :)} and a whole lot of Halo till 3:30 in the morning.

I think he enjoyed it :)

And currently I’m just trying to keep on top of my small Photography Business, being a Mom- especially with sick kiddo’s every other week, and trying to make up my mind and make the thousand of decisions that come with getting ready to build a home.

Life’s good- busy right now -but good.

Bring on some color- kid style

In order to brings some color into our house/apartment and to give the kiddo’s something fun that they would enjoy doing I got out my paint supplies and some canvas’s that I had bought from Walmart and said–
Go To Town

Payton was very excited– he is my little paint harasser and whenever I even think of lifting up a paintbrush he’s there asking– “can I paint, can I paint- pretty please can I paint” so this project was so COOL to him :)

Brynley was just excited to use pink :) 

and I loved it– honestly it gave me some quiet time- the kids got to do some fun stuff and now I have some priceless original artwork for my walls that I can’t help but smile when I look at them and see my cute kids artwork and names :)