Fall leaves!
One of the Reasons we love Idaho is being close to Family! For FHE we decided to go and serve grandma & grandpa by going and raking up their leaves! The Kids Loved it!
 Payton jumped right to work and wouldn’t share the rake with anyone :) 
 even Ellie chipped in :)
 and yes I know this picture is beyond blurry thanks to the fact that literally it was dark and I only had my rebee with me who doesn’t handle low light as well– but I still love it- it captures bryn to a T.
 Dad had to bring out the big guns cuz’ it was getting dark and man there were a lot of leaves!
of course we had to jump in the leaves 2! It was Dark but so much fun I even jumped in :)
and yes I was finding leaves where they shouldn’t have been all the rest of the night :)
and to end my sweet sweet Ellieana! I love this girl! What were we thinking  when we thought of stopping at two! Crazy :)
Momma knows Best

So it kind of is a rare occurance that my mom actually reads my blog– I know kinda weird— but now that I’m living at her house she really see’s no reason to :) but today she got on to look at a picture of her new grandkids and made my day by saying that she loved this picture and this picture ect ect :)

So because my mom made my day and because she said she’d love these pics on her wall I’m sharing them with you to Download- Print- and well do whatever you’d like with them {except please no commercial use}

 This is my Favorite pic– and will probably be on my background forever cuz it makes me so happy -I don’t know why I’m such a sucker for white flowers but I so swoon over them :)

You will need to click on the pic which will take you to the full res size where you’ll magnify to it’s greatest size and than right click save :) Hopefully you’ll enjoy them
Before & After Recent little projects {Dresser, Bed, & Chair}
Before & After Recent little projects {Dresser, Bed, & Chair}

Little Projects— cuz’ well I don’t have space right now for the big projects and I know craigslist has been missing me– it calls to me everynight and I ignore it and go cry into my pillow– oh Colorado’s Craigslist how I miss you so– :)

Anyways so I am almost positive I took some more pictures of these projects but ya I may not have who knows I’m pretty sure I’ve lost all my brain now with my third– there is no retention abilities left

So the only before picture I have of my little newborn bed prop

It was well okay– a bit to much gold going on for me and I really wanted a more vintage looking bed so…….
The after– and I love it– If only it was a little bit bigger I’d go cuddle up with a good book on it :)
and the chair– I found at D.I. in Utah for $2 and I have absolutely no before pics— just use your imagination and picture GOLD– lots of gold—
I tried to get Brynley to be my model on it but alas she was sick of pictures–ya it happens sometimes.
And my last before and after is my favorite Dresser in the whole wide world– I named her Delila :) She’s been done for along time now but for some reason I never took her picture– she’s my Craft dresser and holds all my ribbon and hairbow making stuff, and craft paint and ya lots of yummy fun stuff.
Before:  Once again a already into the project picture– I get a  little anxious to start– anyhow she was oil based white paint all over– and it was blotchy and dirty and yellowing so I stripped her {oh my}
The After:
I love her sides-
and the knobs– :) I’ve loved glass knobs for a while and found these at hobby lobby and from than on she became my delila– my oh so petite girly dresser :) come on I can’t be the only one who names her furniture right?

It was fun, rushed, a little stressful for mom aka me, glad it’s over, glad the kids liked it. The end. period :)

Really I’m secretly glad it’s over– but I knew I’d better blog about it for my kids cuz’ when it boils down to it this is more of my journal than anything else—

First off was the costumes– Payton wanted to be toothless- sweet hey walmart, check– wait what they can’t wear masks to pretty much anything hmmmmmmm hmmmmmmm hmmmmmm an hour later walking around walmart I find a toothless beanie cap– sweet double duty- halloween and a winter hat :) now I just have to convince Brynley that she just really really wants to be a princess again :)
Toothless worked out– the boy so happy at school parade—
Brynley content at school parade dressed up in princess skirt– although she was a little confused at why to clapp when they walked by :) she did say to the people standing next to us though “my brother looked so cute”– ha ha ha he he
But now after seeing all the costumes she wants to be Tinkerbell– ahhh which she had been hinting at all week– “mom I want to be tinkerbell” no no you don’t want to be tinkerbell– pretty princess’s all the way-princess, princess, princess. no? Dang–Dave, Dave can you after work go over to walmart and look for a tinkerbell costume—please pretty pretty please with lots of sugar on top.
He came home with this– Brynley knew it wasn’t tinkerbell but luckily she’s still young enough we can sell her on how stinkin cool and cute this one is and I’ll even do her hair like tinkerbell’s and put leaves and ribbons in it– yay! :)
and Hey we didn’t slack all the way we did carve pumpkins– ” Hey Jake and Jenni so well we thought it’d be fun to hang out and carve pumpkins since we have no house though were gonna invite ourselves over to yours :) 
and it was a ton of fun! Kaytee even showed up so we could steal all her pumpkin carving stuff and leave her left to sit on the floor with the crappy knife :)  
good old yummy pumpkin guts :0
Payton had Dave carve something similar to toothless– 
and well Brynley got left with my less than spectacular caving abilities and sadly we forgot tea lights 2 :)
but hey we aren’t dumb- we know how to light those things up in other ways :)
Ultimately we know what it’s all about– Eating Lots of yummy Candy and ending the night hanging out with family! now those are some good times!