Last days of summer

The Freedom
The sleeping in
The busy busy busy fun times
Ahh Summer—
Mom was sure ready for it to be over!!
YAY!!!!!! Bring on the school year and schedule to life again
 Happy New School Year to all the moms out there :)
Before & After
Before & After
Okay I don’t know how else to do this but be ready for about a million pictures :)
Our house closed yesterday and I figured well it’s now or never to post those before and after pictures of our house. It’s crazy to me to think that this time last year I was painting my guts out– I seriously painted every surface of that house- and it was fun, I really enjoyed making it look better- There was a lot of stuff that we could’ve done even more to it but it wouldn’t have been worth it we would have never seen a reimbursement of that money so I think we did a good amount and I really hope the people who move in really enjoy and love it.

it’s a sad sad day though– I never took a pic of the kitchen with our new table and at least decorated a little bit :(

Don’t you just love those maroon blinds :) yes yes sadly they had to go

Don’t you absolutely love the Mnt. Dew basement– I’m guessing they just really loved Mt. Dew green :) Dave so wanted to paint a Mnt.Dew Logo on the wall but I said umm no.

now on to the upstairs….

Bryn’s room actually went though the most paint colors (but didn’t it have awesome ronald mcdonald colors at first :))– first I painted it pink-ugh to bright of a color than light blue turned out to white and finally I just painted it to match the rest of the house when we put it on the market :)

We did do the front landscaping a little bit but alas I never took a pic– ya sometimes I get lazy :)

And that is the tour of a yr of my life :)
Foster campin trip annddd a trip home

So after the crazy week it just continued on….. next up was the foster family camping reunion–

Look at the great trick Logan & Spencer taught Payton :) so much for the don’t play in the fire lessons right

Payton loved being with “the boys” and he got to spend the whole week up there, while me, bryn & ellie just went up for a day.

He loved all the fourwheeling and really getting dirty :)
While we were up there Glen took me on a four wheel ride that was a ton of fun and showed me how beautiful Idaho is really again :) yes it’s true I was missing beautiful beautiful Colorado springs
It was great– well great until I ran the 4wheeler off the trail– than that sucked– don’t ask me how I did it but I jumped some logs went tramplin through the thick brush and somehow managed to stay on the machine also– to the surprise of my nephews, who saw the crazy woman on her bucking bronco– ugh it wasn’t good you should have seen me jump off and panic “oh please oh please let nothing be wrong with the machine– hurry help me, help me get it back on the trail before dad see’s :) Sadly he did see, I really jumped some big logs– of course Dad was more concerned with me but I was so worried I’d wrecked his machine– luckily everything  was and is okay- whew! I did have some pretty good bruises to show off to Dave when I went to see him :)
Which brings me to my trip back to C.S.
See two weeks without hubby was rough– I really think the most we’ve been apart in the 7 years has been a week– so needless to say we were both missing each other– I about just jumped in the car and drove to see him just me and ellie but at the last second I had a horrible feeling that I wasn’t suppose to go :(  So than my Dad helped me get some plane tickets so I could go fly and see him.
Flying’s great 1 hour compared to 12 :) and Ellie was so good and slept the whole time both ways.
So while we were there we seriously hung out with Bastians every day and every night :) and of course that means taking pictures- we went up to the Denver temple and took some
Trish also invited me along to take some pictures of her activity day girls– we went to the College there it’s so pretty :)

One of the fun and probably not the best things for me to do was we went to an antique store– it was huge!!! I loved it and while Trish didn’t buy anything I could’ve bought the whole store :) Dave wasn’t to happy he was a little concerned with how in the world he was going to fit it in his car to bring it here eventually :)

I am in love with this little red chair– I can’t wait to take some cute pictures on it :)
while we were there also Trish helped me give Ellie her first haircut :) I just gave her a little buzz, she had really long hair in the back and a bad bald spot so I wanted to even it out a little– I laughed at how small she was in the little high chair- she didn’t cry at all but I could tell she was a little concerned with what we were doing :)
When I flew back to Salt Lake I decided I wanted to take some pictures of the Bountiful Temple where me and Dave were married. We went on Sunday and just walked around it right at sunset– The Temple has such a special peaceful feeling- I’m very glad that me and Dave could be sealed for eternity there with our family.
The beautiful flowers on the temple grounds
Did I mention Dave also proposed to me as we were walking around the bountiful temple– it holds a lot of special memories for me.
Sometimes I am just in awe at the beauty the Lord has created for us.
Well I think I’m finally caught up :) next up I’m gonna post the before and after’s on our house
Anniversary, Birthday, Blessing, Reunion

Wow it has been a busy summer—
 and ya this all happened in a week + add in the fact that I had just packed up my house in 4 days and made a 12hour drive with a 2mo. old– we definitely made some memories that’s for sure.

First off was Dave’s Parents 50th wedding anniversary– 

For their anniversary they decided that they wanted for all of their kids to go through a temple session with them at the Idaho Falls temple where they work currently -{don’t know what I’m talking about? click here to learn about temples} It was such an amazing experience, and so special– I love being a part of this family.

After the temple they had their traditional chicken fry in the backyard– it’s such a big family and it was tons of fun catching up with everyone and getting to see grandma morris also, who might not be here too much longer.

For their anniversary me and Dave decided to take some pictures for them to give to them as a present, so after much begging and pretty much just springing it upon them we got them out to do it :) I tried to make it as least painful as possible :) Dave had a different idea though :)

We sure love them– they’re the best! We have missed working with them, and four wheeling and popcorn Sunday’s :) 
Next we celebrated our sweet Brynley Girls 4th B-day—
It landed at such a busy time I felt bad that we couldn’t do more- but we did buy her a sweet little cake that she LOVED!! and she’s still at the age that I can pass off new underwear as a cool gift :) Sweet! 
Than we had the Jensen Reunion up at the cabin–
Before we left I had and I mean I had to get a sno-cone. They do not sell them in C.S. I think they are freakin crazy– I love sno-cones- Blue raspberry, Red raspberry daiquiri is the best in the world! I had been craving one for a year :)
At the cabin we played and played and played and they threw me and my sister Dafne- who’s expecting twins- ahhh :)– a shower. It was lots of fun and Ellie got many many cute little outfits to wear.
After the reunion we gave Ellieana a name and a blessing—
After we had gotten an offer on our house I knew I’d run outta time to make Ellie’s blessing dress so I woke up one morning at 3 {I was just a bit restless}and sewed and sewed and sewed until that dang dress was done :)
Dave gave her a name and a blessing in his parents ward and than afterwards we had a luncheon at their house– it was great to be able to have so much family and close friends able to attend– I laughed as I put Ellie in her car seat with all that fluff though- she didn’t know how much she enjoyed that– :) but she did do amazing during the blessing and my grandfather said that it was a very special experience, she had looked up at Dave the whole time.
Sadly though after all that fun and excitement I had to say goodbye to Dave as he drove home to work and thus began my life in this slightly less colorful world  :) me being melodramatic– no never :) nevertheless it was such a busy fun week and surprisingly still life/summer has yet to really slow down– I’m in desperate need of a good long rest, maybe when school starts finally– well that’s what I’m hoping for anyways.