Movin Movin Movin

So well I’ve slacked and slacked bad– I mean really bad :) so now were playing catch up. lots of catch up. so this is me apologizing for the next million of catch up posts that’ll clog up your reader (if you have one) but I gotta do it  :)

So first the big news

We Sold our House!
The first part of July (like the 10th) we got our house under contract— it had been on the market for about a month so it felt really fast to me since the market really had been pretty slow– They wanted us out by the 30th– ugh– and we were planning on a week long vacation in Idaho the 17th-25th to attend Dave’s parents 50th, my family reunion and to bless Ellie.
So Dave really didn’t have enough vaca to make two trips to Idaho so I ended up packing up the house in 4 days loading it into “the greatest father in law in the world’s” trailer and moving it to Idaho to store it, 
and since we didn’t have much time and after praying about what exactly to do I got a very strong answer that I was suppose to be in Idaho– so we moved me into my parents house with the kiddo’s and Dave would stay in our great friends the Kneisers basement for awhile while we figured stuff out :)—–{Living like that now for a month I can officially say it SUCKS! I miss my hubby a lot it’s almost unbearable- but I still do feel that this is the right place to be right now though 2 }*the very annoying how bout we don’t talk about it thing is that we  finally this weekend will be closing on our house– first the buyers couldn’t get their transfer papers in time so we extended it, than her father died so we extended it again, and to top it all off in august we had some major hail storm so than we had hail damage to the roof that we have had to pay to replace– so it’s just been a jolly ol time :)  Good times, Good times :) 
Anyways back to the move– luckily we had our amazing nephews come and help us out– we needed those muscles :) 
They’re great kids– the kind of kids that you hope your kids will grow up to be– I’ve been asking my sis in law for tips :)
We had my chairs on parade during the move I’ve decided I need more :) I have a love affair going on with chairs for some reason
After we had it all packed, and even though we had to leave at 2am we decided (actually I begged) to make a trip to Manitou springs with the Bastians. Colorado springs is so pretty during the summer- I so love the everyday afternoon rain storms. :( 
I love love the architecture of manitou springs– so many places to shoot pictures-
Definitely missing taking pics with Trish– best times ever! :)
But honestly I’m missing this guy the most– I’m only left with half of me and sadly it’s the sucky half right now :)
next up….. Idaho :)
The Fireplace Redo
The Fireplace Redo
So when we moved into the house one of the major things that was frustrating and really a bugger was the fireplace— I mean a Sheetrock mantle?? really? Who ever thought those looked good? and the hole for the T.V. didn’t fit Dave’s “man” T.V. :) So I knew I wanted to change it- but I didn’t know what into? I didn’t want to spend to much money either or do any major floor plan changes– So needless to say it sat there forever – I couldn’t figure out a way to make it look better– well a way that both me and Dave could agree on too :)

Here’s the Before:

I did immediately paint the walls and trim when we moved in so it looked a little better :)  but I don’t have any pictures of that- or how horrible it looked when we had our tv just sitting on the ledge– with the wires hanging everywhere– It was great- let me tell ya. :)

Here it is Now:

This was the first project that I didn’t really have at least a vague plan for– We really just flew by the seat of our pants on this one— One day still looking at the eyesore the next demoing it cuz’ I couldn’t stand it anymore :)

gotta love a sexy man with a saws-all :)

When we finally figured out kinda what we were gonna do there was some major angle math figuring involved– all I can say is that I am glad Dave is so smart cuz’ I would have never been able to figure it out

We did live with it like this for awhile– while we tried to figure out how we were gonna finish it :) Fun times- fun times.
 But hallelujah– It’s done– I like it- Our T.V. fits– and really we spent only about $100 to do it–What do you think yay or Nay on the redesign? :)
BasFosFam Olympics

Welcome to the first ever BasFosFam Olympics
The sky is blue, the wind is warm, and it looks to be a great evening for this lovely competition. 
So let’s bring out the competitors

First off to compete is The ninja-
For those just joining us here’s a refresher on the first round course—–

 They must toss a ball 10 feet into the gigantic bucket, than somersault to the barn and back, than 3 spins round the bat, run to the barn and back, followed by 10 knee slaps.
Looks like the ninja is off to a great start– amazing ball throw got it in on the second try and just look at those somersaults— Amazing!
But he may have got docked a few points for not keeping the bat touched to the tee– :(
But I think the judges were fans of the huge smile during the knee slaps– may have got a couple bonus points for that.
Next up is our amazing Speedy–
Check out that throw – WOW
and I now know where he gets his name speedy from. 
I believe the judges had a hard time keeping track of the blur that he was– way to go speedy!
Next up to bat is the legendary Hopps,
She started out with some great throws but when she got to the somersaults there was quite the hesitation- we soon learned that she had never done a somersault– Say What?!
needless to say she pressed on and of course caught the judges attention with her amazing knee slap hops at the end.
Round 2 consists of doing amazing leaps all the way across the lawn, followed by 5 spins around the tee– batting the ball past a certain point, running like an animal to the barn and back, finished up by having to bounce the ball into the bucket.  Let’s check in with the contestants.
Here’s our Leapster Contestant
Looks like she’s getting serious and stretching out those joints
We’ll see if that helps 
She’s started off to a great start with the leaps- Really covering some ground there
Oh though that batting the ball has really messed her up, I don’t know, she may get some good points though for her amazing bunny hop to the barn, we’ll have to see.
Next up we have Mr. Insane– he did very well in the first round we’ll see if he has the same luck here
Yes– I believe he will look at that form– and definitely that ostrich run will get him points
The Ninja may just give everyone a run for their money though
Check out his amazing ninja skills showing through in his leaps
look at the air he has caught
Yes I do believe he is going to be a strong contender in this round.
But we can’t count out the Hopps either
She had some great airplane form going on.
Yes I’ll say all the contenders did wonderful- They even earned a smile from the hard faced mini ellie-simon
but we’ll see it looks to finish off this contest everyone must compete in a Chicken fight-(one hand in your pocket one knee behind you and you must hop and knock over your fellow contenders)
It looks like…
It looks like…. well…
It looks like were all Nerds, being super silly but having the greatest BBQ yet! :)
been doin

Wow– Life has become busy but slow :) makes total sense right— and I’m sick of my blog design but haven’t had the time to delve into code and change it up :( so I’ve not really wanted to post until I changed it but alas after weeks I figured I prolly should.

I really have tons of stuff I could post and show you– our house is pretty much finished– well finished as much as were going to make it since it’s on the market now and were wanting to move, so I have some great before and afters I could show, and also this week I’ve sewed three new dresses for Ellie and I’m in the middle of sewing her blessing dress so I could show you those–

but– well I won’t till later– instead I’ll show you random pictures of our summer so far :) Sweet just what you always wanted right? O- well– sometimes I just have to show off my cute little kiddos- especially for the grandparents to see :)

First off we went and enjoyed a sweet summer night going out taking pictures in an amazing, beautiful location.— ran out of light though cuz’ well getting anywhere on time with a little one is a little challenging :)
Than of course we have the BBQ’s— 
and parks–lots of parks– gotta get that energy out of the kids somehow (“Hey Payton I have a great idea- why don’t you run all the way around the park and I’ll time you and see how fast you can run” “Ya it’ll be great– you’ll love it” :)
and lastly just watching this little cutie chunk up— Love it!
 (and I’m also really enjoying the smiles now– they seem to make it all worth it )
Life is great and man do I feel blessed with so many many blessings plus its SUMMER!!! who isn’t happy during the summer? huh? huh?