Three is hard.
I love it- but it’s hard– I’ve not been able to keep up on everything and sorry to say my blog has been kinda, well really, low down on the list lately-

So to all who’s asked questions- I’ve heard ya and I promise I’ll reply soon, and those who have featured me– thank you thank you so much– I’m trying to get there and post what I need to post. Soon I promise :)

Anyways back to three :)
I swear I’ve lost all my memory- I can’t even seem to have a conversation where I don’t lose my train of thought at least once while having it. Anyone else experience this?
And the postpartum rollercoaser– Come on!– I swear one day I’m to the point of being insanely giddy and chatty cathy, to the next being so depressed that I don’t want to hardly talk and nothing seems worth doing :) I’m waiting for the normal me to return– so’s Dave :)
But so far the hardest part of having three is the learning not to be the Mrs. Control it all.

See I make lists– Lots of lists– lists all over the place– we’re list happy over here—come join the makin lots of lists party..

and for some reason I receive such satisfaction crossing off those little bullets– It’s my secret addiction– I can’t wait to cross them off– Oh the sweet bliss I get when I slowly cross out that line :)
but well having three has made that list crossing off so SLLOWWW– if I get one or two done a day it’s like hallelujah let’s do the happy dance :)

And the house cleaning and staging( cuz’ we’re trying to sell our home now)–

well it’s taken awhile– (Dave left this for me in the dust one morning :) to my defense I had just sanded all the doors in our house to paint them when this occurred :)

Than there’s the dressing and care of the kiddo’s

Brynley for sure has had quite the unique choice of outfits lately, and I’ll admit the lunch meal has pretty much been replaced with “Just eat whatever you want and can reach” and Dave of course has had to help a lot lately– course he’s just amazing like that and always helps usually.

Of course these are the joys of motherhood– and really the blessings. I’d say they far outweigh the cons,
but when your feeding the baby and you’ve just cleaned the house spotless, (and I mean cleaned- cleaned all day and all night so that there is not a speck of dirt or clutter) and you hear your kiddo’s whispering in the kitchen “shh- don’t touch anything– don’t tell mom” Your patience is really tried—

cuz sure enough you’ll find this– and mud and dirt everywhere :) 
due note they are still alive– I didn’t kill them– I remembered that having them is more meaningful to me than a clean house– but it was touch and go there for a moment :)

Oh the joys of three– please say I’ll get the hang of this eventually :) cuz I haven’t even mentioned the shopping– we won’t go there on this blog– it’s a very very dark place- and this blog is very PG :) eventually though right? Right?

How to Paint Doorknobs
How to Paint Doorknobs
The Easy & fast way to Paint Doorknobs
First off you need some beautiful dated gold doorknobs to paint

aren’t they all nice and shiny and very much gold– not really my cup of tea

The Supplies
Auto primer
Brushed Metallic- oil rubbed bronze
Protective non yellowing clear finish
total supply cost– around $8
Step 1
    - Lightly sand the doorknobs-  (It really is pretty easy to scratch the lovely gold finish so this step isn’t as painful as you’d suppose except when you have a lot of doorknobs than it gets pretty darn boring)
Step 2
   -Spray Primer
Step 3
   -Spray color
Step 4
   -Spray protective finish
Yep it pretty much doesn’t get any easier than this
plus $8 isn’t bad for all new doorknobs-
Also since I did some test knobs 8 months ago I can tell you that they hold up great and still look like new.
This post brought to you by the so challenging
“typing and mousin it up with the left hand cuz’ i’m holding and feeding the baby” position
You should all feel very special :)
The cutting of thee hairs.
I did the wifey kinda thing and harrassed the hubby till he trimmed his goatee– This is what I got. 
I admit we’re a little sleep deprived– okay a lot sleep deprived– but I couldn’t stop laughing
I’d say he’s a cross between an Uncle Earl and looking like a crazy child molester person-EWWwww.
as I showed my Sister in Law this she had a great one of my brother– he had the chops and everything– I’m a little confused by guys (or maybe it’s just guys in my family) fascination with this style– maybe though it’s just their fascination with how badly this grosses us girls out. 
I’m glad it didn’t last long– only a few hours :)
On another note– I cut my hair too– I had to take advantage of my amazing Sis in Law being here–
She’s great, she totally understands my “uhhh ya ummm I don’t know, short, long, darker, highlights, just some sorta change” mumblings– She whips out the scissors and her colors and by the end I always love it– course you have to put up with her saying “oh my gosh your hair is so thin” cuz’ she always cuts thick coarse dark hair- and any blonde is gonna have thin hair compared to that :) I also was in trouble cuz’ it’s been almost a year since she cut my hair last and I wanted to wait for her—”your ends, oh my gosh, look at the condition of your hair” :) I do love my Sis- in laws honesty though– it makes life fun.
Payton was my wonderful photographer– he’s gonna be great someday– 
he kept directing me on what faces to do.
“Do a serious face mom”
“Now a silly face” 
I got some good giggles out of him with this one :)
anyways I have to get back to enjoying this
and painting the rest of these suckers in our house—
 (I’m going to post soon a quick tutorial on how I painted them from the nasty gold to this yummy goodness–)
Sooo Tired
Ellieana Lyn
May 6th    7lbs 10oz    21″long

She’s here! And we are relaxing and loving and just plain enjoying her. 
So please forgive my slacking, but man I am tired, after four years of always getting a full nights sleep, waking up every few hours is killing me. 
I figured after two weeks now though I should probably post some pics so great grandma can see her :) 

The Story:
          So after forever it seemed waiting and waiting and having contractions consistently, going into the hospital twice, being dilated to a 5 and still sent home we were beyond frustrated– Dave’s parents actually came early to help us after a late night phone call on our way home from the hospital ( we may or may not have been a little emotional) For some reason I was dilating but wouldn’t efface more than 50 percent we even went and hiked Helen Hunt falls with Dave’s parents when they got here, still had contractions but nothing changed– and I just felt like she was ready and I was ready, so at my next Drs. apt we asked to be induced– I’d had enough (emotionally/physically) — so off to the hospital we went. They started pit on me at 3:00 and “oh hello same contractions I’d been having for the last few weeks and same timing”  at 7 the nurse checked me still at 5 and still only 50% effaced -you don’t want to know my angry thoughts at this point :) — well the nurse asked me if I wanted my epidural yet and I always try to go as long as I can without it and I wasn’t horrible uncomfortable yet so I said no- she left the room and no more than 5 min passed and I was dying – my contractions went from the usual, to I was ready to bang my head against the guardrail, oh wait I did do that :)
So we got the nurse had to wait 15min. for the anesthesiologist, got the epidural in– “oh thank heavens for the relief, I can think again, I don’t want to kill myself, I’m gonna live, I can talk and breath again- oh I love you dear epidural” then the nurse checked me again I was fully effaced and at a 10 (Dave was a little glad that we were there though, he was pretty sure if we were home even with only a ten min. drive to the hospital 20min. only and he might have been the one to deliver this baby in the car) So I was now ready to push but my water still hadn’t broken, so the nurse was suiting up and was going to deliver the baby still in the water– (which I had never heard of doing but I guess it happens and in some cultures is considered good luck or that the child is destined for greatness) Than the Dr. showed up– (It wasn’t my Dr. but the one that was on call for that day and I did not like her– Dave called her the linebacker because she is so rough and if I was more of a forward person I probably would have punched her when she checked me she was that rough.) Anyways she didn’t want the baby born in the water sac–”It’ll break all over us” she said. The funny thing was was when she went to check me to make sure the nurse was right she was rough like always and broke the water bag and it sprayed all over her– I couldn’t help but laugh and think that she deserved it. So I did mention to this Dr. that with my second child I had her in two pushes– she didn’t listen– she was all like okay we’ll just have you give us one push, so I did and She made me stop halfway through the contraction cuz’ obviously the baby was coming out – That was painful– so she could suit up so I had to sit through more contractions waiting for her to get ready- can you tell how impressed I was with this Dr. anyways one more push and little Ellieana was here. Dad was extremely happy to finally get to cuddle his little girl,  She’s been such a good baby too– All my crazy fears and anxiety about having a newborn were kinda silly– the no sleep still sucks though, I can’t wait for a full nights rest again– but I’ll try my best to enjoy those middle of the night feedings and not be to grouchy. 
Payton just loves and adores her– I actually have to limit holding time– he wants to hold her all the time- I’m pretty sure he gets that from his daddy. He also is being true to his word and is calling her Pretty girl all the time- he insists it’s her middle name.
Brynley loves her too but is having a hard time not just calling her “the baby” but Ellie.
Overall we are loving having her here– and gradually I feel like I’m getting back to being Me again– next step is back to house projects and getting ready to Sell– it shall be fun :)