Farmhouse table
Farmhouse table

So the table has actually been done for awhile, but with the busyness of March so far I hadn’t even had time to take pictures of it— but now she can finally have her debut—–

Isn’t she a beauty fish………..
(if you don’t know what I’m talking about go listen to Brian Regan- I love him he makes me laugh so hard :)
So if you recall the before:

Lovely hunter green-hmmm–
I originally bought it just for the chairs, but after getting it home and noticing the lovely shape to the legs, I figured we’d at least try to see if we could make it into something that I’d like.
So after a visit to Knock off wood and falling in love with the farmhouse table that she made I figured we could just rip the old tile table top off of this one and replace it with wood planks- (Thank you so much Ana for the idea and plans)
For more detail about that process visit my post here
Anyways I ended up finishing the table with some country white paint for the legs with a pecan glaze over top of it to strengthen the finish and add a little bit of distressing color to it.
For the top I first did a whitewash of a yellow paint so the grain of the pine didn’t stand out as much and than stained it pecan and than on top of the pecan stain and mostly around the edges I used a gel walnut stain- I also used the walnut stain very lightly around the legs, and than a few coats of satin poly on the top to make it a little shiny and protect the finish.
The Chairs– I lightly sanded and than painted one coat of a dark brown/black (can’t remember the name of it), than I used walnut stain over it– it deepens the color but leaves a little bit of the undertone so it doesn’t look so flat and gives it a harder finish- the chair tops I finished like the table top minus the whitewash.
I love her and all her imperfections– and I don’t worry about the kids hurting it- let the fork jabbing commence she needs more character :)– sometime I want to build or find a bench for her so we have more seating– what do you think should I use these plans and make the top of the bench match the table?? Either way it’s gonna have to at least wait till after the baby is here– I’m so in my third trimester and the tiredness has hit big time!
Here’s the Cost breakdown:
Table and Chairs- $60
Wood for top and supports underneath- $30
Paint- I already had some left over in both colors–Brown and white– but a quart at Wallyworld is around $8
Stain- already had it— that’s the good thing with many projects :) but to buy would have been around $12
So Total cost for me was $90 and some time– not to shabby I don’t think for a whole new kitchen set.
How time flies…

I can’t believe we’re almost to the last week in March– isn’t that how it goes though, when you want time to slow down a little it speeds forward faster..
March so far has been busy busy– We’re getting to where the many projects we’ve started we are getting finishing so I’ll have lots to post but if it seems like wow look at all these finished projects keep in mind we’ve been working on many many at the same time over a long peroid of time.

Anyways so beginning of March my parents called and said they’d found some cheap plane tickets and were gonna come and visit us on the 20th— Yay and panic at the same time–

 “uhh honey we have a lot of work to do to pull the house together just a little bit more for visitors” So we’ve  put on trim, painted trim and finished the fireplace except for patching the holes- but at least the tv is off of our coffee table now- always a plus, I finally tackled my ridiculous fear of the caulk gun ( I could use the chop saw and nail gun with no fear but the caulk gun that I was scared of ) So than I caulked like crazy– we put up the doors on our laundry room finally, I finished the table, we filled in cracks on our wood floor, painted Brynley’s room again, and than I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned– it was time to do spring cleaning anyways and I was nesting just a little :)

Needless to say the kids did a lot of this- this month

But not all the time– I try not to be that bad of a mother– we played and they worked with us and we did schoolwork and we also went to the zoo when the Bastians invited us to–
The zoo was tons of  fun, but man all those hills and the braxton hicks and pushing the stroller ugh– it seriously took me 2 days to recover from that trip :) but the kids had lots of fun
They loved looking at the fish
and Payton took tons of pictures and videos of the animals
The giraffes though— ya– how would you like to kiss that thing- yummy.
I also this month got to take pictures at a wedding– which was way fun to do- Loved it!
And than my parents came– Payton & Bryn were so so so excited to have them here!— and I had planned on just relaxing with them and seeing the sights, just having fun but instead, my dad on the verge of being bored to death I think- decided he’d help us get the tile in our bathrooms.
So than we tore apart the house I just cleaned– shared one bathroom, didn’t shower for a few days cuz’ the toilets were in the tubs and tiled and tiled and tiled and tiled- and I wanted to kill the idiot who wanted the tiles at a diagonal- oh wait that was me- but truthfully I am so so so so thankful that my dad was hear to help us!
 Dave’s a great electrician, carpenter and nerd, but plumbing…. he can do it cuz hey he’s my mr. incredible and his dad made sure and taught he him how to do all this stuff,  but the plumbing is not so much his specialty- whereas my dad has some “awesome skills” in the area of plumbing.
Sadly the only picture I have of them being here is of my dad working- but ya that’s pretty much what we did the whole time- worked—tiled, did a power point for my mom’s research paper, made a brochure handout for her paper, tiled some more, ate out every night, played cranium, watched star wars and lord of the rings- tiled, not so much of a vacation for my parents I’d say but I LOVED every second of it and having them here with us.
Here’s some teasers of some of the projects were so close to finishing that I’ll post soon.
Pink Chair Redo
Pink Chair Redo

So I’m interrupting my vacation –which I’m kinda already sucking at anyways- dang facebook :)– to bring you pictures of the latest finished project.

Brynley’s Pink Chair

Lovely hole backing, mauve fabric, and the wood I wouldn’t have painted over if I was not going to put in in the girls room cuz’ it could’ve looked nice after some fixing up and better fabric but……


I love the cotton candy/ vintage look to it. Perfect for my little girls room-

 I’m one step closer to getting the nursery done- yay!
*** also this was a flame hammer project– I tore it apart and painted the frame and than waited so long that I forgot how to put it back together so my sexy flame hammer did it for me :) if you have no idea what I’m talking about click here

Also today I trimmed Brynley’s hair– It’s so hard to do sometimes– I want her to have long pretty hair and it seems like it grows and than I trim it back, I do want it to be thick and nice for her though but ahhh like I said hard sometimes to do–

So anyways we pretended we were at the Salon for this haircut. I washed her hair and made it smell all pretty and than blow dried  it and styled it for her– we also of course had to paint the fingernails :)  Than we went and had a mini photo shoot on her new chair to show her grandma’s how pretty her new haircut is.
 Had to make some silly faces of course!
We had lots of fun– and oh those little toes– I just want to kiss them! Did I mention I love my little girly girl!
Vacation time

So I’m gonna take a vacation from the Internet for awhile— I don’t know about you- but it so sucks me in some days– and before I know it my day’s over and I’ve got nothin done :( which I find a bit depressing, actually a lot depressing
Plus I’ve made some goals and some deadlines– By the end of March we should have all of the inside of our home projects done!!! oh happy day– oh happy day!  But that means that I have a whole lotta this to be doing

& some of this
& most likely a lot of this going on for me ( I need my naps)
And my other goal/ deadline is I ‘m going to take the scary plunge and open an etsy store to sell some of my announcement designs in March– (extremely scary for me– and no, I have no idea why) So I’ve gotta get my act together and finish and organize all the designs I’ve made so far
So If you don’t hear from me for awhile that is where I’ve gone to– the land of doing projects, many many projects. That or I may just become a hermit and stay inside all day doing nothing because of all the snow that we’ve been getting and the fact that I no longer can get my boots on by myself anymore and if you can’t get your shoes on how in the world do you ever go outside in the snow??? huh? huh?

Dear flip flops,— I need you– can you go and talk to mother nature about our little problem.
and P.S. It’s really hard to take a shot of your shoes over your belly–very very difficult :)