There’s no cake there’s no ice cream, Happy Birthday.

So it was the Hubby’s birthday and to him birthday’s are just another day no big deal– which is so different than I feel about birthdays I like the “hey it’s your birthday for a month” idea :)

But the thing that is really crazy bout Dave is he hates cake– even cupcakes– brownies that have the cakelike texture- yup hates em all. So because the kids were insisting that dad get a cake this year– (they were confused that he didn’t like them and plus they wanted to help me make it– really wanted to help me, so much that they were asking me about it ever freakin second of the day) we had to get a little creative.

So I present the Rice Crispy Cake— Dave luckily loves rice crispies.

He even got serenaded to by Brynley— “long after the song was over she was still saying happy birthday over and over in her sing songey voice.”
 In the end all was well, and all were happy, and we did get cake and ice cream after all. 
(though the nasty kind of ice cream Dave likes that never has chocolate and always has weird fruits like “blueberry and pomegrante” come on where’s the chocolate at this party!!)
gotta love the cheek pictures— Love you honey! tons and tons and tons and tons!
Taking it easy.

So I get all excited about how far we’re coming on the house and different projects and I’m all ready for a week of working to get things done so we can move on to another project on Saturday—- but well the little belly says otherwise……..
So I’m taking it easy– well as easy as I can without going insane!  So today while lying in bed I  made some felt flower hair clips–  I’m excited to get some headbands to put these on– and get to take pictures of our new little one wearing them :)

They look so soft and petite to me

Oh what fun it is to get to be having another girl! As for the table and the millions of other house projects well I’m hoping by at least Thursday I’ll get to start tackling them again, Wish me Luck.

The Farmhouse Table– Part 1
So I found some chairs finally off of Craigslist that I liked and was going to refinished since all of mine so far don’t match and half of them I have to make sure and tell people not to sit on them cuz’ they’ll smash them to the ground— awkward– ” I really mean the chair is weak not that your hefty or anything you know you look really good, have you lost weight recently?.” 

But bad thing was the chairs included a table with it and they wouldn’t split it up. So for the $60 price tag I figured whatever I’ll figure something to do with the table— Anyways a week or so later this is the conversation that ensued.

Me: Honey, I think I figured out what I’m going to do with that table—- I’m going to rip off the old tile table top and build more of a farmhouse table on the legs cuz’ I really like the legs of it.

Dave: Uhhhh– I think we should finish the fireplace.

“Ya but I’ll do it by myself you don’t even have to worry about it– I’m gonna get me a pink hammer.”

“What? your going to buy yourself a pink hammer?”

“No- This pink hammer—  see I’ll be awesome sauce cuz’ I did it all by myself and I’ll link to this page– cool huh”

“uhhh– why does it matter if your hubby helped you or not? Where’s the my freakin amazing hubby built this flame hammer? huh?”

“Ummm—whatever– it’ll be cool and I’ll do it by myself”

“You know that  farmhouse table design looks like a picnic table to me”

“Whatever, I like it and it does not- it looks like a table that’s been used and loved and had many cherished memories over– I like it— now can we please take the truck so you can help me get the wood.”

“But that would mean that I was helping you and you weren’t doing it all by yourself”

“Whatever that doesn’t count– you don’t want your big pregnant wife to have to put all those boards in the truck by herself do you?”

“K, get the kids in the truck”

After getting the measurements and making the plan, going to the store and loading the wood and bringing it home I ended up on the couch so so so tired.

Dave: “Come on– let me help you build that table”

Me: “Alright–  but I will get my pink hammer sometime ya know”

“uh- huh”

“I will”


“You don’t believe me? Do you honey?”

” No I believe you, but I think you know deep down having the amazing hubby flame hammer involved makes the process go a hecka lot faster huh.”

“Ya your right– I really like the amazing flame hammer hubby– He looks very very sexy when he’s using that hammer.”

“Whatever you crazy girl”

See I told you it had some nice legs– ugly green but nice
 Here’s Payter being the help that he is and a sneek peek at the almost finished chairs

and the built but not “finished” table at to which when we were building it I said more than once
“Shoot! It does look like a picnic table”
But I still have hope— It will look nice and I will like it when I finish it :)

See a little imagination– It’ll look similar to this pottery barn table :)
Can you see it?

But having the table take 2hrs instead of 2 days wasn’t the best part of the day– Payton yesterday discovered that his camera had video taking capabilities and was really having fun with it– He took a video of Brynley dancing—- * I love the little posing/moves– she gets those from her daddy :)

and while we were out working he decided he’d take some video of himself– which we discovered when we came back in on his camera and it cracked us up! I’m still laughing at his dancing moves.

 and Honey— Cuz’ I love you and do think your freakin amazing sauce.

Brynley’s Bed
Brynley’s Bed

So since we will soon be blessed with another little girl and Bryn’s room will no longer be just “her” room we’ve been trying to make the transition as smooth as possible– so it’s not the new nursery it’s the new pretty girls room :)

I found the awesome plans/idea to make this bed on knock off wood (love the site- you must check it out!) and I felt very ambitious and was going to make this bed all by myself. Problem was that we needed to make it a toddler bed size– (we’re planning on have Bryn in the toddler bed for at least a few more years and than Elleana/ Lilly/ Amelia/ the little nudger can use it 2) and to shrink it down took a lot of math work-which my brain hates to do- and included using the table saw :( and sorry but that thing scares the hebbergebbers outta  me! so I recruited Dave- and he was amazing of course and we built the thing in about 2 hours.

The Before:  Isn’t it some pretty wood– I can smell it still yum :)


After being Built
course it took me about a week to finally paint it and finish it :) This belly is gettin big and I have to be really careful painting so it takes fooreevveerrr.


some distressing, cream paint, pecan stain, and a little smoke glaze


The girls room is still far from done– and I plan on changing Bryn’s bedding and making some pillows but it’s definitely a work in progress.  but I think this bed looks a lot better than this old thing did– *but it was free and thank you thank you Mike and Misty for giving it to us it has gotten a lot of use :)