The Free Dresser
The Free Dresser

I love Craigslist and would most likely be embarrassed  if someone looked through my computer history and saw how much I get on the site. I constantly have to ground myself from looking– but it’s so great to find what you need and even better when it’s for freeeeee. :)

So before we moved into our new house I knew that for once my kids wouldn’t be sharing a bedroom and so because of that we needed another dresser. Looked on Craigslist– bam! found it and it was for freeeeeee! (have to add adam sandler expression seen in bedtime stories) so I had hubby pick it up that evening. Now it’s emabarrasing to say that six months later I finally refinished it– but the house threw me enough projects (and being pregnant) that I just couldn’t pull myself to do it– even though I love refinishing simple projects like this that take like a day–

But it is now done– Yay!! It is by no means a nice dresser but you know what it functions and I love love love the feet, and Bryn’s room (and baby’s 2 now) will eventually have more of a vintage feel so it works :)

*I had an impossible time taking pics of the thing– but it’s painted a really pale turquoise-ish blue and distressed with a smoke glaze on it :)
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THEE Kitchen
THEE Kitchen
The Kitchen
Notice the: unmatched floor, the big light box, nasty gold chandelier, maroon vertical blinds, cheap wood trim, builders grade cabinets, and what you can’t see is the dirt, grime and grease all over the walls and cabinets
It’s been a pretty long journey
1-first we tackled the wood floor
2- Than the blinds and trim– Hello neighbors every evening still cuz’ I don’t have replacements up- but to me I’d rather live without them than with those hideous loud broken things anymore
3- Than came the lights–down with the box and ugly chandelier that I’d whacked my head on a million times while doing the floor and up with the three pendant lights and flush mounts
4- Than we started the bar area– we gave it some paneling so it didn’t look so plain
5- Than finally we started on the cabinets– after the wood floor was in I was overwhelmed with oak– oak everywhere oak oak oak and I always had planned on painting the cabinets but that was the thing– I always had- Dave hadn’t :) It took some convincing and even I was a little scared but after living with the overwhelming oak I was ready
1- First up on the cabinets was the boxes for the top– I wanted to raise the height of them somehow but than we went and saw my brothers cabinets he was building that he had put beadboard over his soffit and it looked awesome so we copied it :)
2- Than came painting– oh the painting
a- remove all of the doors and hardware and label everything
b- become overwhelmed by the sheer amount of doors to paint
c- sand, prime,let dry, paint, let dry, paint, let dry, paint, let dry flip the doors over and do the other side now. :) And make sure and be six months pregnant have to be bending over the doors on the garage floor and trying to make it as safe as possible to be doing this, oh ya also it’s January and freezing in the garage. Make some great memories doing this.
Finally we put it all back together
It’s still not finished we still have a light we need to put in and curtains and more caulking and of course decorating but for right now I’m just enjoying it being as far done as it is– plus we already moved on to other projects for now (like building Bryn a bed and working on the fireplace) someday the whole house will be done and it will be great and than most likely we’ll move :)
But we aren’t just doing the projects to make our house look nicer, it’s actually part of our parenting plan of raising our kids– we don’t live on a farm or in the country so our kids aren’t having the opportunity to work and learn how to work, so every Saturday we work on our house or some project because really we believe that is where it’s at. Family time, sacrificing, working hard, accomplishing things, learning how to do things, being together, helping each other– that is what we are trying to teach and I must say it’s pretty fun to see my little boy learning how to work and hammer nails into pieces of wood.
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Breaking it down
So really there has been a reason I haven’t been blogging lately–  
I don’t know for sure why it is but when I figure it out I’ll tell ya :)

Actually the truth is I have been breaking down a lot lately–  Too much stress over too long of a time = 2 hospital visits, freaking out in church, having braxton hicks every 2 min.for days on end, feeling out of control and sick and really not able to do it all or keep on top of anything, giving up but knowing deep down that you can’t, feeling guilty, crying, wanting to do it all and be perfect still, feeling numb— all part of my breaking down :)

I will say I’m doing better now– I’m still a bit of an emotional roller coaster but I blame that on the pregnancy hormones. The thing of the matter is is that I know my life compared to others is a fairy tale and so great and it is blessed and not stressed compared to how it could, but mentally I guess I’m weak– cuz’ I literally broke down- my body wasn’t gonna take it anymore and boy did it tell me- 

I still am trying to be perfect and get everything done to my standards- It’s ingrained in me. I can’t stand to sit still and do nothing-  or watch TV. I love to create things and work hard and see things get done. I just know that when things are pulled together, nice, and organized, life is easier– I can do the extra things and look beyond our family and help others, serve better in my callings, plan for the future, and be more prepared for the future and I don’t break down mentally all the time. But it’s been a long slow road this time and I know H.F. is trying me and wanting me to grow– making me choose and prioritize (which I still suck at) and I want to do what’s right because I know that that is where true happiness is but sometimes I’m still a stubborn sucker and hard hearted wanting to do it my way and feeling that his way is to hard– and in reality I make it so much harder on myself— but that’s life (growing and trying and failing and forgiveness and trying again) I’m still learning and for some reason this time around I get to have my body as a gauge as when I’m letting my priorities get out of line I can feel the stress and it hurts and makes me feel outta control and my hubby grounds me to the bed all day.

So all in all I’m crazy but I want to be perfect- I have high standards/expectations I set on myself and I’m just having to learn to balance and prioritize and take it slower to take care of this new sweet baby I’m growing :) and that’s pretty much the breakdown of what’s been going on :)

Dear Birthday Fairy

Dear Birthday Fairy— (aka Hubby) he- he I’m sure he loves being called a fairy :)

I have just a few small wants this year:

Okay I lied those aren’t small at all– they’re very expensive and pricey and boy do I want them but I will honestly be satisfied with my new Target $5 clearance shoes–
Huge hugs and kisses from these two
and a Date and some Soda from this guy here :) cuz’ man is he hott! and I like em alot!
P.S. a little chocolate wouldn’t hurt either