Christmas Gifts

Today we ate a lot and I mean a lot of chocolate! I’m so glad that after a super crappy start I actually accomplished what I needed to today–

Brynley’s last day of School is tommorow before Christmas break so I had to help her finish her little gifts and I actually ran after the mail man today to make sure I got the Christmas letters in the mail today :) I’m pretty sure he thought I was crazy. O-well they are at least in the mail.

And I figured since some of our friends are leaving this weekend it would probably be best to get the gifts to them actually before Christmas instead of after–

So we cranked up the Pandora Christmas Tunes got the kids in play clothes and we went to work making  Peppermint bark and Chocolate covered pretzels. It was alot of fun and Payton was my huge little helper- Bryn helped mostly put the Chocolate in her mouth and on the table and all over her– It was great!

Here’s the final finished product :)

The little baggie is full of Reindeer dust (oatmeal +glitter) to help Santa’s reindeer find your home. along with a little poem– all thanks to Illustrator- did I mention my undying love for Illustrator :)

And here’s Brynley’s friends gifts to give– she helped me put together the pattern for the Braclets and cut and tie the ribbon on and these little clippies are so easy to make (I love them)– here’s where I found the tutorial for them.

I’m feeling a bit better about being closer to being done– Its slightly crazy– see I was really done with all my Christmas shopping like the first week in Dec. but than I’m like “Oh I can do this and this and this since Christmas is so far away still” so in the end I’m still trying to fit everything in and being stressed :) when will I learn :)

On a totally opposite note—-
Thank you Mom & Dad Foster for the Covey”s they have been very useful this year working in the freezing garage :) cuz’ of them I finally finished the dresser which I can’t wait to show everyone :) I love it!

Hope everyone is enjoying the season!

What to do on a cold Snow day {Crayon Roll Tutorial}
What to do on a cold Snow day {Crayon Roll Tutorial}
You can always do loads and loads of Laundry :) All the sheets- all the towels -all the pillowcases in your house and of course clothes 2.
But that’s not nearly as fun as cutting out millions of little circles to make Christmas card stickers- and putting glitter on them so they sparkle and are cute :)
Actually the best part of a Cold snow day is getting to hang out with your kids, drink some hot chocolate, watch the Polar Express and the Grinch, play in sleeping bags- and when the kids are finally asleep getting another Christmas present done– That’s a great Snow Day!

So For one of Brynley’s stocking Presents I decided I’d make her a Crayon Roll since she loves and loves and loves to color and take crayons with her everyone– It was pretty easy and fast– and I thought I’d share with you how I did it :)


Here’s not so much a tutorial on the crayon roll but more of a linky tut and my own variation to it cuz’ heaven knows I can’t do things the simple way :)

For an awesome Tutorial on how to make the crayon roll, go here!
 There’s a ton other great stuff on the blog also– very addicting :)

Instead of using the felt used in the tutorial I decided to go with just to pieces of my fabric sewed together and to make it stiffer a piece of Interface sewed in the middle– It did make it harder to pull it the right side out when the time came but I think it was worth it.

Also because my little girl is only 3 and the tying ribbons capability is a bit beyond her and I didn’t want to have to be tying the thing up every 2 seconds I decided to use a piece of scrap fabric and Velcro for the fastener–


 I just folded the scrap fabric in half and sewed up the edges so that there was no raw edges and put it in place instead of the ribbon in the pattern–
When it came to to put the Velcro on I just rolled it up and made sure to give lots of room for variations on how tight/loose it can be.


For a finishing touch and to make it easier for her to pull it open I added a fabric flower.
I found the tutorial for the flower here. (another great blog!)
 I would have loved to follow exactly her pattern but since my adobe pdf reader isn’t working on my computer I had to just guess and try to figure it out on my own.

In the end I realize I have very much a love hate relationship with sewing– when I’m not doing it I think I love it and would like to do it but when I’m actually sewing- man do I hate it! I really think it’s cuz’ I never really learned how to sew- and I’m just too dang picky– I can never follow a pattern exactly I have to always modify it and make it harder on me– but like always I’ll probably forget I hate sewing and be sewing something else soon.  Either way I know Brynley is going to love getting this for Christmas :) now I just need for the snow to melt off the roads so I can go to the store and buy her some new crayons for it.

Projects, Projects, Projects
So you would think the millions of projects I have going on would be enough-
 but what can I say I’m addicted. 

I’m 99.5% done with Christmas (wahoo!) but I always try to have something little for my kids to make to give to their friends -you know actually feel like it’s fun to give instead of receive kinda idea– so I’ve gathered the stuff for that, couldn’t pull myself out of the fabric store though without buying some fabric to make Brynley a dress– in my head it’s so cute :) . I also got some fabric to make Brynley a crayon roll for in her stocking :) *She is my little artist and can’t seem to go anywhere without bringing crayons and something to color– this will be as much a present for me as for her- I’m sick of finding Crayons lost everywhere in the house and car.

and last of all at a stop at the Salvation Army I found a chair to redo for Brynley’s room. I haven’t quite decided what I’m doing to it yet– I’m still in the planning stages of the design for Brynley’s room so we’ll see how long it take me to decide and than we’ll go fabric shopping :)

We’ll see how long these projects take– maybe I can get back in the groove of when I think of a project I do it right than instead of waiting and procrastinating until it’s no longer a fun project but a chore :) Maybe I’ll post some tutorials on doing them that’d be slightly fun–
Toodleloo for now, I got me some work to do.

I just can’t get enough of these guys!
Every time I look at this girl she makes me smile! Her high pitched voice and how she repeats herself so much when she’s excited and just the fact that she is beautiful and smart and amazingly I get to be her mom!
and this little guy-
I think Heavenly Father laughs to himself every time he sees Payton out logic-ing me. He is the smarty pants in our family and such a little lover and cuddler- I hate having him leave to go to school each day because he is just so much fun to be around and such a huge helper.
 He makes me laugh, think, reason, and makes my life so much fun.
I seriously can’t get enough of my kids- I can’t even begin to imagine how miserable my life would be without them and we get to be blessed again with another one– Life is great!

On another note I hope everyone had a amazing Thanksgiving– ours was pretty good except for the me getting sick that night part.
 We had so much food and tons of fun having friends over to help us celebrate- The flowers Dave gave me even survived long enough to make an appearance at thanksgiving :)   It was fun and the turkey was good, well delicious- especially since Dave cooked it :) – but I am glad it’s over now and am so ready for CHRISTMAS!!!!
Bring on the Christmas music!

*The Bastains took our family photos’s-thank you thank you thank you– I know we are an impossible family to photograph- so I really appreciate it!