Sneak Peek for Marie
I love taking pictures of Maries kids–they are just beautiful and all have such beautiful eyes and are so well behaved that it makes it easy to get good shots of them

Can’t wait to finish the rest and get them to her.
The Duck/Geese pond
So there’s a small duck pond that we never knew about right in the middle of the city– I’ve been meaning to go and take some pictures of Payton so we went there and had about 5min. of great lighting before the sun went behind the mountains.

Problem was I could not get Payton to do his normal smile– *sigh so we’ll have to try again later

I do love this one of Payton though that is his smile but it needed to be portrait oriented to work bummer.

of course payton could whip out a whole bunch of other faces for me– such a little funny

General Conference
I love General Conference– being together as a family and getting to hear the prophet is the best! One of our family traditions is to build a tent and face it towards the temple the night before conference.

Than we read the story of King Benjamin to our kids to explain why we do this crazyness :)

Payton & Brynley were big helpers in building the tent and mommy was glad that we weren’t going to camp outside.

Even Tiki joined in on sleeping downstairs with us–(I’ll admit I slacked and went to bed in our bed later cuz’ I wasn’t feeling to great)

During Conference Dave decided to look through his mission box and I had the kids coloring some quiet folder pictures for sunday. Overall it was way fun and releaxing– we just hooked my laptop up to the big tv and streamed conference. Can’t wait till the next one.

Sick, Sick, & sick of being sick

Reasons why I have disappeared:

*My body thinks that it cannot possibly function without at least 14hrs of sleep a day.
*My body is starving all day long but no food sounds in the least appetizing but if I don’t feed it- it gets really really upset.
*Feeding & clothing my kids and getting them to school is all of a sudden all that I can accomplish–forget all the projects I want to do.
*My emotions are on a roller coaster from being super giddy and happy, to feeling very very low, to loving my husband so much I feel like I need him this instant, to getting very very upset with hubby when he puts a toe over on my side of the bed. I’m sure I’m tons of fun to live with right now and when I’m in the right mind I tell Dave how sorry I am and how much I really love and appreciate him.

I seriously don’t remember ever being this sick with my other kids–It has got to pass soon cuz’ I am going crazy here! (The moms that are in the hospital with IV’s and stuff you have me in awe though– you guys are truly amazing! I don’t think my brain could handle that- I’d literally go crazy.)

Hopefully this soon will pass and I’ll be back to getting things done and on a more normal emotion level until than toodleloo cuz’ it’s way past my bedtime it’s like 9 ya know.