So life has been pretty busy as of lately– and we didn’t have the internet for 2 weeks so that could possibly explain the lack of posts :)

We went to Idaho on the fourth- packed up all our crap we had stored there– ate my fill of snow cones and cotton candy– had tons of fun with our friends lighting fireworks and than came back and moved all our stuff in our house packed up our apartment in like 8 trips in our new truck– moved that over– painted most of the house and ya that’s about where we are at right now– eventually when I’m not so lazy I’ll take some pics and upload them to the computer of the before and after of our new house, for now here’s the outside :)

and I had to share these pics of the bubbles– (we went with the bastians awhile back now to a park and just took some pics) I love them, they make me smile everytime I look at them– I mean who doesn’t love bubbles :)

Fun Night Out.

So last night- I got to go out with the girls and have milkshakes- it was a lot of fun and yummy but we had to cut it short cuz’ as of lately I’ve become busy (I know crazy) and I’ve been scheduling things over other things-not realizing it of course- and so after canceling 3 times before, I decided we’d just do it all last night. The Bastians had went to this museum and found some pretty cool arcitechual details to shoot, so we wanted to go down there and just hang out and take pictures.
The problem was that we didn’t get there till almost eight so we had little light and lately I’ve sucked on focusing so I was trying to practice that and ya– I came home pretty discouraged over that. But it was just alot of fun hanging out– There was a restaurant, bar or something that had a live band playing some awesome music next to the museum, it was fun to listen to and just relax in the summer evening air. Brynley was cute and swaying her hips and dancing to the music–
The guys took some of the best pictures that night– and the Bastians– I didn’t get to many that turned out. All in all it was pretty fun and we’re definitly going to have to go out again and just play.

I’m here! I’m here, I swear!

So I have been working on creating a strictly photography blog so I’ve been blogging just not on here :) And I’m not quite ready to introduce it yet though maybe in a few more days.

Anyways Tonight we had the opportunity to go and take some photo’s- and it was so so so fun! They were so cute and had the most adorable little boy. Anywho thought I’d post some sneak peeks-


So this week has been hard– I really feel like my life could not be more blessed but for some reason I’ve been going through a bit of depression- It’s kinda crazy and unless you experience it, you don’t understand how you can know that things are fine and good but you don’t feel that they are- There’s a war going on inside your body and you kinda have no control over any of it– I am crying and lethargic and down but in my mind I know I shouldn’t be, that I’m so blessed and that I’m doing an okay job most the time- but than my body comes back with a no your not, your failing at everything, you’ll never get anywhere, no one likes you breakdown- let me tell you it’s so much fun- and it seems to happen bout once a month :)

Anyways so it’s been hard this week and today I’m finally feeling a little bit more like myself (kinda helps that Dave’s been home at least half the day to love me even though I’m crazy:))
So today I’ve enjoyed the kids more and learned a little more in photoshop today- *which seems like it will be a never ending learning journey- it’s so powerful and there seems to be all these little new things to discover- I must say though that Illustrator is gradually winning my heart over photoshop, especially in the design sense*

(before- unedited)

I’ve wanted to learn for awhile how to edit the eyes and make them pop/sparkle a little more so that is what I worked on today and I did a watermark logo for my designs too- I created the photo one a few days ago- Also today I designed another announcement for the biz- hopefully soon- (if I don’t have more weeks like this one) I’ll get enough samples done to start the biz on etsy. Anyways tell me what you think.(after- I also messed with the curves a little cuz’ it was so dark)