So I’ve been slackin off lately- we’ve been busy lately, buying a home here, and we today signed papers to sell our other house! Wahoo! (insert- me doing the insanely happy crazy dance here)Also I’ve been working on announcement designs so I can open my etsy store- so that’s kept me busy and I’ve been editing and organizing photo’s too and yada yada.Anyways I finally went through my nieces wedding pictures, it was only a month ago now :) she of course looked beautiful and it was so much fun being able to be there for it.But I can always tell when my hubby steals my camera for awhile- he takes some great shots, different views than I would have thought of, but there always ends up being a few crazy shots that make me say- what?- and a picture of my feet- always my feet -?????? is exactly what I think about it.
I have to say I love these pics of Payton, Kinda sums him up when mommy says no, so he has to go rally some support from grandpa :) Payton really misses being close to his grandmas and grandpas- not to mention we miss it too! We’re counting down the days till we get to go and visit again.

Helen Hunt Falls
So over the weekend we went and explored Colorado a little bit more. We went with some couples up to Helen Hunt Falls and it was cloudy and kinda drizzling so it was perfect weather for pictures and a small hike. I gotta admit that while I love the beauty of nature, I’m much more intrigued taking pictures of people. So I only got a few shots of “nature” and ya I still think I’m not to good at it. It was a pretty fun trip and it was nice to get to know some more couples that have moved in recently- There were four couples and for some reason I only got pictures of three- but I swear they’re were four (sorry Samantha & Mark) The Geddes- Dave, Melissa, & Clay Les & Amy BlakeBryce & Jamie BlakeOn the way home Dave took me on a drive through downtown a little more cuz’ I’ve been looking for a place to shoot some family pictures- anyhow some of it was blah, but we got to one part of town and I was just oohhing and ahhing. It had a lot of the older Craftsman and Victorian homes that are on the tree lane road and just have that old town feel that I love so much. I would so love one of those homes that has so much character and charm, but Dave does not like them really, at all, I guess not so much the homes as it’s more the no space/neighbor up your butt factor of those homes. Anyways I’ve decided I really love it here :) It’s beautiful!

P.S. Honey I got proof that your just as baby hungry as I am :)

More Practice

So I was able to get some more practice yesterday, of taking pictures of this little cutie in our ward. She was such a good baby and was just calm and sat there contently- but she refused to go to sleep even though she was so so so tired– at the last second she finally gave in. It was kinda a challenge since I don’t really have very much stuff so we we’re pulling different furniture and blankets and stuff from all over the house. I’m very glad Paula brought her over though cuz’ it was lots of fun-

If you wanna help me out, you can tell me which one you like the most :)

I’ve just been trying to keep busy so I haven’t really took the time to blog much- sorry. Yesterday Melissa came over and I snagged just a few shots of her little cutie. Hopefully I can get my life/brain a little more organized so I’ll fit in blogging more :)