My first!

So Dave and I have been working on a webpage for his sister, that is for their business.
Luckily I’ve lucked out and do not have to work with any of the code- ugh, that stuff turns my brain to mush- But I was in charge of designing it- of course with Dave’s input- he wanted more of a sleek modern, glass button kinda look thingy- makes sense right :) But that kinda design I really don’t do very much- I’ve had to learn all about gradients and stuff, it’s been fun.
I’m not to excited bout cutting all those gradients up to make it useful for the webpage, but o-well.
So I’ve kinda designed it to look like the inserts of the fireplaces with the louvers and stuff, but something that you have to look at for awhile to recognize that it is that way.(due note that this is a really low quality screen shot of the page- it won’t look grainy when it’s actually done) Anyways I’m kinda proud of it- being my first and all. I’m sure years from now I’ll laugh at it and think it’s amateurish, I look at the first of other stuff that I’ve done and think that too.

Anyways just a plug for their business if your in the market for fireplaces or mantles or anything like that, you should definitely check them out.
They are honest trustworthy people who sell some great products, and make really, and I mean really, beautiful mantles!

Need a Break.

Urghh- I am so sick of scrapbooking, yet I’m still not done. I’ve been working on putting together a book from our trip for Dave’s parents, which you guessed it involves stinkin more scrapbooking. I like it but I still I need a break so I’m bloggin.

I finished this page yesterday of Payton & Brynley- I have so many pictures of them together doing cute stuff- some of them really make me laugh- others make me sad to see that my kids are growing up so big and that I really don’t have a baby anymore. (makes me just a little baby hungry):)
For our vacation we ended up going to Green River Utah- which is pretty much a tiny town in the middle of nowhere,(blink and it’s gone) but fairly close to Moab, so the scenery is very similar- but there’s not nearly as many tourists as Moab, which is nice. It was a lot of fun, except so much for the freezingness and having to wear my snow clothes everywhere, and the nice facial I got while riding in the rain-(I felt like my skin was being torn off, those rain drops felt like marble size hail.) Other than that it was great and fun being with Dave’s parents.

Anywho here’s just a few pages I’ve finished for the book.

PS. Did I tell you I have the sweetest husband… I had this movie on VHS and would watch it all the time when Dave was in school, worked full time and didn’t get home till midnight or so, it kinda became my little happy comfort movie. But eventually our VCR gave up the ghost and I’ve been looking for it on DVD for months now, every time we went to the store I’d look for it. Anyways Dave brought it home for me last night, just out of the blue- I thought it was very sweet and thoughtful of him.

(whispers) I Kinda Miss the Snow

So I’m still here, just scrapbooking my brains out. I’ve done 71 pages over the last weekend- I can see the end in sight and than I’ll be all caught up, and I will never get behind again. Wahoo! Anywho saw this picture from our cabin trip this winter- first it reminded me how much I miss my fun laughing brother, Riley, and also kinda the (whispers)SNOW-

But than I remember how biting freezing cold my hands were taking that picture and my senses come back to me and I don’t quite miss the snow so much. Snowboarding wouldn’t mind to go this year since I haven’t yet, but hey I’m not pregnant and that’s the only times I go snowboarding since I’ve been married, so I guess I can’t go.

Alright reason is coming back to me now- I’m done with the snow, Bring on the Spring!

Bryn’s Dress

Wanna know what I did pretty much all day today. Sewed, and sewed, and sewed.
I actually left my Sewing machine in storage so I wouldn’t be so tempted and so I’d catch up on all of our family’s scrapbooking instead. But me and a Ronnie, a friend from the ward talked about making Easter dresses for our little girls and I couldn’t resist. So after lots of fun shopping for fabric a few weeks ago we eventually got down to business of course the day before Easter :)
I like it and think it’s really cute to see Brynley acting like a dancing princess in it. I’ll have to take some pictures of her in it tomorrow.

And I promise I’ll blog about our fun vacation soon too- it kinda got thrown to the back burner.