My long lost sister!

It’s Levietta, my long lost sister!

I’ve been trying to catch up on my scrapbooking and ran across this photo of my little brother(-he might kill me for posting it, but I couldn’t help myself, I love you Levi-don’t be mad at me)

Me and my brother have always had quite the resemblance to each other- throw some longer hair on him and hey it’s me! I haven’t quite figured out if I look more like a guy or Levi more like a girl :) On his behalf I must say since he’s gotten older he has changed a bit- people are no longer mistaking him for me on the phone :)

Anyways I’ve felt like lately I need a change.
So whatcha think, should I cut and style my hair like that wig?? :)

Actually I’m thinking about dyeing my hair brown, I’ve actually tried before and I turned out like this- which kinda scared me, It didn’t look brown at all to me-. But the older I get the darker my roots seem to get so my ends are light blond and I have dark roots so than I have to Highlight the top of my hair to match my ends- makes me feel like such a fake blondy.

But it’s a scary thing- I know earth shattering huh-
If I go brown I want to go brown, not some light brown almost blonde thingy-

So whatcha think
Do blonds really have more fun than Brunettes?

Can you guess where we went over the weekend.

So we went on vacation over the weekend, and I took a ton of pictures-

232 to be exact. I took so many cuz’ it was pretty once you got use to the deadness, and I really wanted to practice and learn working on getting the right exposure ect. ect.
I would love to talk all about our fun trip right now, but it is super late and I’m tired and I don’t want to wait for pictures to load (-I guess that could be considered laziness- o well :) )

So here’s to see if you can try and guess where we went.(too bad I don’t have some awesome prize you could win- like a dslr camera, that would be cool, but hey I’m not that cool- I think only pioneer woman is :) ) I’ll blog about where we went prolly tomorrow.

So As any mom knows, when the house gets too quite- it’s time to go and see
what the kids are up to. This is what I found today- Payton explaining to Brynley about his awesome picture that he was drawing. I thought it was just to sweet to pass up taking a photo of them.

Payton drawing has been just a very recent development, I worried forever because he hated coloring and would give up after a few seconds, and I kept trying to get him to like it but he just wouldn’t.

Than the Geddes introduced Line rider to Dave, and Payton loved drawing on that game- (eventually we took it away though cuz’ it was on a site that had a ton of pop ups and Payton would click them which is not okay), but since than he’s now started to like drawing-
they are always like an adventure course drawings though, of this person is doing this than this happens ect ect.

I love listening to him explain them, it gives me a peek into his imagination, and he has his pen always pointing to what is happening, and he is never done with the picture it seems, he’ll explain and than he’ll be like hold on and draw some more and than start over.

Brynley on the other hand-
Loves coloring and colors on everything (much to my dismay).
I can’t seem to get enough stuff for her that she can and will like to color- she still colors on stuff around the house- the worse she did was got a permanent red marker and colored in our grout lines in our tile- she did have Payton and her cousins help for that one though-
all I can say to that is Thank You Magic Eraser, you a life saver!

I prolly should talk to my mom about how she got me to stop, She still has books that I colored on when I was little. Of course they’re cute now. :)
The biggest problem comes in when Brynley just acts so like-
“Oh no I did it again, I’m so sorry mom I just was so caught up in my artistic endeavors I forgot I just need to color on paper.”
Cuz’ all two year olds talk and think like that right :)

If she wasn’t so stinkin cute and have me and her daddy wrapped so tightly around her finger- It would be easier.
I don’t want to take the crayons away though cuz’ than they don’t color as much, and I get really bored having to supervise them every time. I really want my kids to grow up learning how to monitor themselves and not have to feel like just cuz’ this person is watching I shouldn’t do this- but I still want to. Does that make sense??

Ya other than that, anyone have any suggestions on what they did or what to do??
Brynley sure is a cutie but she has a very healthy mischievous side to her too


So the weather has kinda sucked lately, (I think it’s sucked for everyone in the west but I don’t really know thou as we don’t watch TV, yet alone the news.)
But Since it’s been cold I’ve been locking myself inside away from the burr and wind and cold and having to wear a coat- ness’. I’ve gradually become bored, so I started organizing pictures and came across the fun day we had just a few weeks ago (when the weather was great and warm and I looovvveeed it!)

Dave had the great idea to go fly kites, We had never done it with our kids yet and I was concerned about actually finding kites at the store. So we went to good ol’ wallyworld, and Dave being a guy went off on his own looking for the kites while I decided to ask an employee. So I asked this lady and she was like
“ohh ya we definitely don’t have any kites yet, we don’t get those till later in the summer” (make sure and add the authoritative tone of ‘I know this for a fact’)
-bummer I was thinking.
So I went off to find Dave who was only an isle over, and there he was standing in front of about 50 kites or so.

We picked up a barbie (princess in Brynley’s terms) one, and of course a robots (transformers) one for Payton. At a buck a piece I thought that was pretty sweet. Since I’ve never bought kites before I thought they’d be more pricey.

The wind wasn’t too strong but strong enough and would kinda come in waves.
Brynley loved it at first but than she got to where she had this look on her face “like wow, that was fun now why am I holding this string up in the air still- this is boring.”

Payton had lots of fun until the wind would stop and his kite would fall- than he’d get frustrated with it, he kept wanting his to be highers than Brynleys of course and than he started acting like the robot on his kite was attacking everyone, especially barbie.

I was of course during all of this rolling on the ground trying to get some shots of the kite in the pic with the kid. I’m sure the people watching us thought I was crazy- but it was a lot of fun, and I so can’t wait for it to be warm, so we can go and do it again….