So Dave has been frustrated as of lately cuz’ he doesn’t really have a work space in our home, and so he hasn’t accomplished much and just ends up wasting time on (the evil word) WOW-(world of warcraft) *one can never know the passionate hatred I have for this game, but I’m working through my issues :)

Anyhow he mentioned getting another computer and desk so he can work at it- *insert me thinking here “another computer, geez we already have three.”
We eventually after a few weeks settled on just getting a monitor and desk and he can dueley his laptop with the monitor- So Dave now has his own little corner of nerdyness and I try to shield my eyes away from the wires hanging everywhere (it’s his space, it’s his space- don’t worry bout it, don’t look at it-it’s his space)

Anyway on our little adventure to get a desk, I wanted to check out the goodwill first cuz’ I rather have some desk that has potential to become something better and I could have a project to do, but negative, no desk. (They did have an awesome chair that had such sexy legs and form that I wanted it but they were selling it in a set- bummer) But I did find some .99 cent jeans for Brynley -Score-
And at Wallyworld I found some little shoes for her for $4, which we needed cuz’ her little feet are squished in her old ones (I’ve been looking for shoes for her for awhile, I didn’t want to pay full price since it’s gonna be summer soon and she’ll be wearing sandles, but I did feel bad for her feetsies, so I needed to get some dang shoes)

While we were at Walmart Dave said he wanted a lamp for his desk, and I seem to be attracted to anything that is green lately so this box caught my eye and the $9 clearance price tag- Yay! I also recognized it as a lamp that I’d eyed before, I liked the shade, but there was no way I’d pay the original $40 price tag (I’m too much of a cheapy or “tightwad” like my dad- too bad I don’t have the middle intial T like him.) So I grabbed two of those and off we went.

I was really happy bout my clearance lamps until I realized that we’d have to carry all that we got up the stairs :( Luckily we got two pack horses, I mean Kids, to load up and help us with everything, and a super man husband! Cuz’ geez who ever makes two trips that’s just stupid.

On a side note- My flowers are still alive :) And I loooovvveee them.


I really love my Hubby!

Sure we like any couple have our times when we get on each others nerves and the stupid little things drive us crazy (like not hanging his shirt the right way on the hanger :) But he really is just amazing in how sweet and thoughtful he is and how calm of a temperament he has. My perfect match I’d say :)

He brings me home flowers pretty often just to tell me he loves me and thinks I’m beautiful– which is really much appreciated since I don’t always feel beautiful when I’ve been home all day tending to the needs of our family.

Anyways he brought these home last night and I think they are my favorite yet.

He of course was thoughtful of Brynley too and made sure to give her her very own.

She loved it of course and carried it everywhere. I love that she is such a little girly girl
I really love the little green flowers.
Who else can’t wait for spring, and the green, to be here:)

Kids-duh moments, and Pico de gallo-yum :)

So life has just been going along– Payton and Brynley are usually really good together but lately I’ve noticed that they are fighting a lot more and just being mean to each other. I was thinking this morning on how I can solve this little issue and it was like ‘duh’ they need a break from each other. Three months playing with the same person and always being with them would wear me out and make me fiesty too. I love it when the answer comes easily and I don’t have to struggle with it. Now I just need to find a way to do this :)

On another note my amazing sister in law, Dafne, gave me some of her recipes and I’m in love with making her Pico de gallo, and thought I’d share her yummy, simple way of making it.
*Do note I am no cook and I mean no cook!- food is my biggest struggle, I just don’t enjoy making it. Putting me in the kitchen for hours is like putting me in my own personal torture chamber, so this is an easy easy recipe :)

Dafne’s Pico De Gallo

First you have to have a cute little helper to watch and advise you not to cut yourself every few min.:)

How ever many Roma tomatoes you want in it. For our family I usually use three or four. Dice them to whatever size you prefer. I like ours fairly small but you can make them bigger for a chunkier dip.

CILANTROThan some Cilantro (It’s by the lettuce heads usually-I worried about finding this cuz’ I had no clue what it was at first–ya I’m no cook), I usually use half of the bunch for our fam. Cut off the very ends but don’t worry about pulling all the leaves off the stems. And than just cut them as small as you can or like them-(I’m sure there is a proper way to do this, but I don’t know it)

Than Onion, Diced. I usually only use two to three slices of it because Dave isn’t a huge fan of onions and they can really overpower it.

This is Dafne’s signature item, she puts lime juice it seems on everything and it surprisingly makes a huge difference. I usually will use half of a big lime.

Dafne uses Salt and Chicken flavored bouillon-(you can find it in the ethnicity isle–and I would recommended it, it’s yummy stuff and works as a great seasoning for tons of stuff) I usually just put a few pinches of each on it.

And of course your cute little helper has to be the first to try it, She’ll tell you if it’s good or not :) Enjoy!
More examples

So I just finished some grad announcement examples for my nephew. I was definitely in a grungy modern mood with these ones. They were really fun to do and a nice break from the schedule– I put the kids down for naps, got my earphones and Pandora and had a great break :)