Happy Love Day :)

Happy V day everyone! So I need to run a poll cuz’ I kinda got my feelings hurt yesterday. We had a ward valentines day party, where I volunteered to bring some cupcakes(as did half the ward cuz’ there was millions there) Anyways I took some time and tried to make them cute and just had fun with the kids decorating them. I thought they were cute and looked yummy, I made chocolate curls on the top and yada yada. Anyways brought them there and guess what, brought all of them back home. No one ate even one. :(

So as to the poll- would you eat one? Do they not look good? Sure there was a lot of cupcakes there but alot of them were storebought ones. Dave says I’m a little sensitive, but it sucks to bring something and than have no one eat any of it- makes ya a little paranoid.

Anyways Hope everyone enjoys the holiday and indulges in a yummy treat.

I promise I’m here and Alive :)

I’ve been busy, and also kinda bored with my blog so we’re working on making a few changes- (than maybe I’ll wanna post) and than I promise I’ll be better and talk all about here, and how much I like it. :)

Until that time though. I was looking through my old pics and realized that I have now had my camera for a year. These were some of the first pictures I took with it. I thought I’d share especially since they are very valentineish.

My secret :)

Crazy Random, I know, especially since I haven’t blogged forever but I have a secret, sometimes I call it my black little secret- I want to be a Rock Star! :)
I’m obsessed with music and feel very depressed without it in my life even for a day. Truthfully I just wanna be in a band and play the drums. That’s not crazy right I’m sure there are lots of stay at home moms who live normal respectable descent lives in the daytime but than at night their kids hear them rocking out and playing the drums right :)

ahh the choices we have to make in our lives, well my rockstar dream may never come true but they can’t keep me from turning the music up, singing at the top of my lungs and dancing around the house with my lovely kids as my audience :) * Did I ever mention Dave was in a band (actually a couple) but the one I’d heard of was Bobby Brady. Wish I could have seem him play cuz man he would have been even more unresistable to me than. Me and him are gonna start a band when we’re all old and the kids are gone :) ha ha we’ll be called the old decrepits.

Anyways these two songs I have fallen in love with lately. The lead singer in muse kinda reminds me of my ol friend Blaine, makes me miss all the fun times we had and wonder how his life is going, he sure was a great friend-one of the best. It sucks to lose track of friends. Anyways call me crazy but someday I’ll be rockin out on those drums :) P.S. I love the shuffle dance in the muze video- he’s just awesome!

And by the way we are Here now! It’ll be coming up in the next post!

So I am way behind- Christmas was crazy like usually and I feel like the holiday lasted FOREVER! Heck it’s still feels like it’s the holiday. We went to two Cabins, a trip to Denver with the wedding, another reception back here, New Years and it’s party and than the packing and cleaning and getting ready for the move and listing our house. It’s been slightly crazy.

The trip to Denver for the wedding feels in itself lasted at least two weeks. It was an insanely long drive considering that we hit the worst storms and what would usually take 4 hours took 9 or 10. When we would pass cars they would flick(more like rocket shoot) snow at our windshield and I kept trying to get a good picture of just right before it would hit the windshield but never got it before it got dark(and Dave got annoyed with me whipping out the camera every time a car passed), but I did get some good ones of the many snow plows we came across. Nevertheless it isn’t a trip I’m going to forget anytime soon and I’m not looking forward to taking the same one again in two weeks.Anyways the wedding (my nephew Klints) turned out well and we got some good shots- (they kinda had me be a second shooter for their wedding since their original photographer was her grandfather and he usually just shoots landscapes) It was though really really COLD!! no snow but freezing cold! I was excited to use the new lens I got for Christmas (85mm 1.8) I’m in love with it-it’s so quiet and nice and heavy- I love it, did I mention that. My next want is some nice fingerless gloves cuz’ my hands were burning red and hurt so bad from the cold that day shooting. (Honey this would be a hint for you for a gift for my soon birthday-got it) While we were in Denver we took a day and drove down to Colorado Springs to look at apartments and one thing I found out about Colorado springs is that they have no D.I.- :( It’s so sad, I am a frequent shopper at D.I. and most (okay almost all) of our kids toys come from D.I. I’m sure there are other thrift stores but me and DI we go way back :) my favorite Christmas I remember was when my parents were too poor so all of it came from DI- those were some cool toys that year. Other than that I loved Colorado springs, it was beautiful and it just felt well right.

Anyways It’s time for bed for me so I can keep trying to stay on top of all that is ahead of us. Wish me luck-