It’s Official!

We are Moving! (and soon too- mid to end of January-)
So much to do and plan and figure out I think my head might explode. It’s very exciting but scary at the same time.

Anyways we have officially put our house on the Market now. I did a huge post for it here, so if you know of anyone interested send them our way. I sure am going to miss our home but I really have run out of projects to do here so it’ll be nice to have another home to do more projects on. :)

Christmas Cheer

So I took this picture for our Christmas Card,that I never made, but I love it! and had to share it. I love that they love each other and always give each other loves(hugs) when they are away from each other for awhile.

Painting in the Winter sucks!

So I don’t know about anyone else but I am constantly painting in the winter time it seems. I always get the great idea right before Christmas that “hey we’ll make presents for Christmas, they’re cheaper and so much more personal” ya you’d think I’d learn or at least remember last years experience, but no I don’t. So instead I’m bundled to the T, freezing in the garage, painting and waiting forever and ever and ever for stuff to dry. And by golly that Poly stain does not want to dry in the cold, we’ll have to eat dinner on the floor for a week before the chairs I refinished dry. I AM though super excited for the massive mirror I got from D.I. for $6 to be done, and I got another Chair that I’m refinishing,(that I’m trying to do a tutorial on how I do them that I’ll post later).
Anyways Dave Graduated! that I didn’t blog on at all :( I actually forgot my camera so we have no pictures at all :( (It was long and boring anyways.) But a good accomplishment, I’m very proud of him and I love him especially when he brings me home flowers (like these)-he’s such a sweet guy.

Anyways if your curious and since I have no family that reads my blog it seems I am free to tell you what we’re making for Christmas. First I sewed a butt ton of Rice bags (which are very cozy, soft,& pretty, yum!) and than we made some frames that each have the specific amount slots of kids in their families so that they can just switch out the pictures as they’re families grow and change. ya kinda boring but for poories like us it’s gonna have to do. I’ll show you a shot of them when I finally finish them.

Anyways Merry Christmas Everyone–hopefully your preparing for the holiday’s is going a bit smoother than mine.

Dear Santa…..
All I want for Christmas is this lens

Canon EF 85mm f1.2L II USM Lens

But this one may be a bit more reasonable (sane)

And this one would be really nice but I’m worried I might tip over trying to hold it up :)

Canon EF 70-200mm f/2.8L IS USM Telephoto Zoom Lens

But to be Honest I got all that I really wanted for Christmas today—-

*****Dave got a JOB offer from Lockheed ****
Watch out Colorado springs here we come (and yes I am scared to death)