Proof that my lil’ girl is such a DADDY’S GIRL.

Tonight we went and tried to take some pics for our Christmas Card, I say try cuz’ it’s always a frustrating process. I much prefer being behind the camera instead of in front of it, and as it’s just a friend helping us take pictures I’m walking back and forth changing settings trying to set it up and the kids of course would much rather run around. It’s super fun let me tell you. Anyways out of ten or so shots this is the only one that is halfway decent. I do like the colors though :)—–*Dave read this and saw it as being mean which I didn’t mean in any way, I was so glad that our friend would take pictures for us and the only reason some of them didn’t turn out very well is cuz’ well the kids were running around looking different directions, I look horrible, Dave’s not smiling ect. ect. All around for what he was shooting I think he did really well*——

So I’ve been busy lately trying to learn Illustrator. I’ve always wanted to learn it and I constantly open it up and well just kinda sit and stare at it cuz’ I’m so overwhelmed with it- It sure is pretty though :)
Dave has started to give me assignments to do in it, just to get me started. I made a sphere, cone, and cube yesterday and today I made a snowflake that I turned into a brush, and than I found some tutorials and started doing them until my brain exploded and said it could handle no more. The next thing I’m gonna do I think is really learn the Pen tool cuz’ it just blows my brain every time I try to do anything with it. Anyone know of any great pen tutorials? Or any really good Illustrator tutorials?

Failing Miserably

I have really stunk at blogging lately. I don’t know my hearts not in it right now too much going on. actually more like too much stress. Dave graduates in two weeks, we’re still waiting on hearing back from some Interviews and it’s Christmas, with all that entails, and the fact that I am a huge planner and I hate not knowing where I’m going to be or what Dave is going to be doing ect. ect. ect. All that stress feels like a ton of bricks on my chest and it’s hard to focus truthfully. Usually I love getting ready for Christmas but this year I don’t even care to much as long as I can throw it together fast, I mean we’re in serious trouble when I don’t even Want to do a Christmas Card–(that is so not like me, I love designing them) At least my Sis in Law is having one that I made :)
Hopefully we’ll get back on the bandwagon here, until than toodleLoo :)


So I have the greatest Husband and he took me to Twilight, (note: without any prompting he just knew I really love the books) anyways I didn’t hope for too much just cuz’ I know the movies are never as good as the books and all in all I thought it was pretty good. At first Edward and Bella’s relationship was portrayed so awkwardly I was feeling awkward, but that was pretty true to the books and their relationship at first but for someone who hasn’t read the books,(my husband) I can see how it can just come across as bad acting, but as it carried on and they got more comfortable around each other it was great.

My biggest complaint was the music– It was terrible! Instead of building up tension or helping with the emotions in the film it felt like someone was sitting beside you playing their radio- distracting and annoying! And Bella’s lullaby holy crap they couldn’t have done worse I was expecting something just amazing with the piano as in how Stephanie describes Edward to be at the piano, something similar to the piano music on Pride and Prejudice where it is just jaw dropping amazing. No instead we get to hear clunking chords and randomly hit notes, made him look like he was just learning how to play, and the fact that it was carried through out the rest of the movie was horrible, during the Kiss scene it so ruined the moment when in the background you hear stupid clunking notes. The baseball scene music by muse fit well though I must admit, I just hope for New moon they get someone who actually does movie music that enhances the experience instead of trying to put together an album that has a lot of known artists so it’ll make good money on top of the movie.

The only other thing that bugged me was Edwards (Robs) teeth, what can I say I’m a teeth person and that’s usually the first thing I notice about people, and his were crooked and weird, Please get your teeth fixed and than you’ll be pretty much Edward to me:)

Holy super long post but I gotta say this.
Ya I’m a nerd *-already admitted it-* and I’ve been following the Twilight Lexicon, and so many of the news stories have labeled this as a tween fixation, just for 13 year old girls blah blah blah blah blah, And it really shows how horrible corrupt this world is when a movie that doesn’t have sex in it has a story of unselfishness and sacrifice, and shows a guy as being a protector, caring, loving, supporting, not just wanting action is labeled only appealing for tween girls. hmmm.
What do they think that older woman want to see people sleeping around, the pain of that, stupid men that are selfish and just care about themselves/jobs/or other woman, slutty fashion, or the sad things of this world in our love movies? Like it’s more grown up to sleep around, and be selfish, and career oriented, ect. ect. ect. Argh it’s frustrating to me, How Hollywood and these critics and newspapers and what else tell us what to think and what to like and what’s mature and better in their view, one of the reasons I stopped watching much T.V. is because of how much they are tearing down men now days in all of the shows. They are portrayed as selfish, stupid, lazy, just care about sex, unfaithful, not good dads and it goes on and on, and this is what the boys now days are shown, these are their examples of what they are suppose to amount to, it’s no wonder we’re having problems.
It seems like nowhere is it portrayed the greatness that men are and can be and how strong, smart, protective, caring, and unselfish that men are/can be. I mean obviously they are pretty special when Heavenly Father trusts them with the priesthood, His power here on earth! Its just sad to see how much Satan is attacking our men and boys.

Anyways now that I’ve totally went off on a rampaging spill back to Twilight, I liked it thought it was good, hope they change the music on the next one and that Rob gets his teeth fixed :)

My Friend Andrea is living my school Dream, She is majoring in Communications with a minor in Dance and Photography.(*almost- I would major in Graphic Design but I would so love to take some of the communications classes) I seriously could sit and listen to her talk about her classes all day.
I would love to go to school and take those classes but I don’t know if I’ll get the opportunity cuz’ I know my work is here with my kids right now and supporting my husband wherever he needs to go for his work. Anyways though in her photography class she has this assignment and invited us to join her on it,(anyone else want to join?) and it sounds like a lot of fun so for the next 14 days I’ll be doing this :)

“Everyday we have to take a photo of something that reflects what happened that day. It’s called a photo journal, and everyday I have to post a new picture on my blog and write a little something about it”

So Today I woke up and this is what my world looked like, slightly blurry and spinning, So Dave stayed home today and took care of the kids while I stayed in bed all day, which drives me nuts to do but whenever I stood up for too long my world would spin. So I sat in Bed drank Mnt Dew ate Reeses (oh such healthy food huh!) and read the first two Harry Potter books all the way through (I was in a weird harry potter mood and It didn’t make my head spin to read them so I did, and I still love the series-crazy I detested them until Dave forced me to read them, and now I’ve read the series like 4 times through, but I refuse to read the Lord of the rings series still, I hated the movies)