Temple Square

So Last weekend Dave had some Interviews down in Utah so we went with him and just stayed at my Grandparents. It was lots of fun but a really long weekend too, we left on Thursday and didn’t come home till Monday evening.My grandparents were quite busy and actually had a lot of company that weekend so we tried to do our own things. On Saturday I thought it would be a lot of fun to take the kids down to Temple square and see everything there, I have a ton of memories from my parents always taking us there, but ya I think our kids may still be a bit young.
Payton really enjoyed looking at the map and telling us where to go and they both recognized the Christus, and they really liked looking down from the Joseph Smith building to the grounds but that was about it.
I wanted to take some fun pictures while we were there but than got overcome with Camera shyness so I didn’t take very many. All in all it was pretty, and fun, and I hope my kids could feel the spirit and specialness of the Temple.

Klint and Jenni’s announcements

So I finally finished some examples for Jenni and Klint to choose from. Took me awhile since I’ve been so busy, But since they haven’t picked one yet we’ll run a poll on what one is most popular? Leave your vote in the comments

Ok I admit I’m a Nerd!

So I realize I practically start every post with the word “So”. So :) Life is very hectic and I feel crazy cuz’ I’m experiencing so many emotions at the same time right now. but instead of moving forward and accomplishing some stuff I’m blogging, which brings me to the Nerd thing, Me and Dave practically live on google talk, we can be sitting in the same room and still be google talking each other, but today I hit a new low I started talking to him over google talk in binary code, I’m a Nerd but at least it’s fun.

Scared Sick! Literally

So today is the day- Voting Day! and I am so so so puking/flu sick today. It sucks. But I am scared for this election, I’m pretty scared for our country right now and the fact that people are so racist, That there are (many) people who pretty much don’t know anything about Obama but are voting for him cuz’ he’s black, Yes people that would be called Racism!
edit:According to exit polls, Obama crushed McCain among women voters (56 percent to 43 percent); voters under 30 (66 percent to 32 percent); African-American voters (95 percent to 4 percent); Latino voters (66 percent to 32 percent); first-time voters (68 percent to 31 percent); and voters making less than $100,000 a year (55 percent to 43 percent). from CNN this morning

Ugh Obama supports sick policy’s, was tutored by sick people with sick views, and won’t even salute our flag- I mean seriously WHAT are people thinking? He’s sent up so many RED flags with his views and people still say stupid stuff like oh he dressed nicer, or he was a fluent speaker. Guess what Hitler had charisma too people.

It’s very scary stuff and I pray that as a country we will choose good, but I know we’re in for rough times as we forsake god more and more. Scares me to think of what type of world my kids will be living in and the monumental task I have ahead of me to teach them. I’m so glad we have the gospel and even though the world may never have peace, we will be able to have his peace with us always.
“Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.” John 14:27