I love looking over my blog sometimes and remembering the things that my horrible memory easily forgets.
This is one of those things! Ellie is obsessed with Bubbles
Loves them! Like daily we are having hours of bubble playing loves them :)
One of her favorite things to do is catch the bubbles on the bubble holder– when she does she is so proud :)

She’s gotten really good at it now too :) From learning how to blow them catching them on the stick and than the lid– It’s been quite fun to watch my little bubble girl learn :)
I know soon she’ll get over the bubbles and move on to a new “fun thing” but right now I think it’s so cute- and I’m okay with all the little soap bubbles I get to clean off my floor :)
Ellieana’s Birthday
I can’t believe how fast they grow! Honestly my little sweet redhead is three already!? 
Ellie has been obsessed with my little pony….. like obsessed :) we hear daily about Rainbow Dash, Twi-farkle{twilight sparkle}, Rariety, and apple jack.
So thinking of a “theme” for her party didn’t take much effort :)
Sadly though her birthday fell during a busy time this year– There was like four weeks of busyness, millie was born than our anniversary than my mom’s birthday than mothers day…. ahhh it was busy, and so not to much was done for her birthday.
My awesome and so talented Friend Kaytee {who works wonders in the kitchen} made this so cute cake for her… I swooned over the ombre ruffles!! so cute!
If you can’t tell :) Ellie was super excited and happy over her party……. It was actually decorated pretty cute and fun but alas me I didn’t take any picts.. {other mom’s know that time– you’ve been running all day trying to get everything together and your house clean for the party and you barely finish getting it all done right as the first guests arrive– so you forget to take pictures of all the work you just did :)– please say I’m not the only one this happens to} Anyways you’ll just have to trust me it was cute and she was loving it!
She especially loved being in the middle of it all :) 
So many kids and presents and fun!! I love seeing them so happy on their birthdays!
Pinewood Derby
Payton had his first Pinewood Derby– and boy did he have a blast!!
Dad and him worked on his “flame” car together. I helped paint it a red that took forever to dry and lost them an evening of working on it– after that I refused to touch those complicated little suckers :)
Newborns always seem to throw a little kink into family life and so they were seriously painting and putting on the wheels and finishing it the evening right before the race. 
It needed a few modifications there at the track :)
{Payton always does this to me when I want to get a picture of him and exciting stuff is happening– I get the ya ya I’m looking at you I’m smiling–not really– now take the stupid picture so I can get back to this :) I think he learned it from his daddy} 
The boys all would get to put their cars on the track
 and than wait for them down at the end– Payton won the first race and than got second and third in most the others– Total for the night he scored third place- which he was pretty excited about!
 They also did some loopdee loops for the boys– the first time through Payters car crashed at the very end 
but the second time it made it through. He was excited about that!
It was such a fun night– he can’t wait to do it again next year!

Fresh From Heaven {Amelia}
 Sweet little Amelia K 
After wanting to come early there for a bit, she decided those last few weeks that she wanted to stay in there :)
But she finally decided to come a little over the two week early mark.
It was a really relaxing delivery :) I ended up getting an epidural earlier than I usually have with my others {usually I wait till I feel like I can’t literally stand the pain anymore} So other than Dave almost passing out during my epidural {I was a bit stressed, quiet and not acting like myself and he was worried about me he said :) } it was by far the most relaxed least painful delivery I’ve had :) 
{Fresh from Heaven}
She did come though during a super busy time for our family—
My Grandma was scheduled for heart surgery so my parents were heading down to Salt Lake for that,
and also in Utah that weekend they had a niece’s wedding and ones farewell and my other grandparents were leaving for their mission in Navoo. 
Thankfully my little brother decided to stay home and become a “dad” for a few days while we were at the hospital.
They might not have been the cleanest or the house clean anymore or their hair done great :) but they were fed, alive and happy and I was thankful for the help and sacrifice on his part.
The kids were also very excited to meet their new little sister–
Ellie has been wonderful with her so far and a huge little helper!

{Brynley ended up having Dance Pictures that day too –Thank you Jenni for curling her hair and Lindsey for helping Dave at the photo place – he was a bit out of his comfort zone :) }
Payter boy was in heaven again with having a newborn to hold– he definitely takes after his daddy and loves and loves on those babies– he’ll make an amazing Dad one day!
Heading home she looked so little and small in her carseat! 
We’ve really just been enjoying her– it’s hard to think she might be my last little newborn– not so hard to think that I might never have to breastfeed again {not a huge fan of that/biggest stresser in my life right now}
but we have just been loving her little sweetness
Her little pouty lips and blonde eyelashes and little sweet cry 
We are blessed to have a such a  beautiful healthy new little one in our family. Love you Millie!