So I got my battery Charger YaY! I really love to take pictures it’s just fun! Also we got a tree (pretty much it looks like a stick with leaves glued on it) The neighbors sprinklers were on and the sun was setting when I was taking pictures of it so the background of it is kinda fun.

Also I think these pictures so describe Brynley’s personality, she’s a cutie even with a dirty face :)

This weekend we were able to escape from the suffocating stress of life and go up to Jemmetts Cabin. It is crazy how relaxing it is up there- Me and Dave woke up early to go and take some pictures of the sunrise but it was raining pretty hard so we never made it off the front porch, It was still fun anyways, I’m trying to get Dave addicted to photography with me, He likes to take pictures but right now his life is a little too crazy- my secret evil plan is to get another camera and he can have mine and I’ll upgrade to an even better one- mwhhhaaha, Than we can take pictures together since he’s always trying to steal mine away when I want to use it.–come on it’s a good plan.
Another thing that we did was reformat my computer, Dave is obsessed with reformatting computers he does his every few months and since it’d been four years since we’d done mine he said is was about time. But it is such a pain! Don’t get me wrong I like having a clean slate and my computer working at fast speed but I hate it when I forget to save things and this time I forgot to save my fonts- I had only about a million on there that I’d gotten from a million different places over the years, So now I have to try and find my fonts, and I can’t remember some of the names of some of my favorite ones, grr I wish I would’ve remembered that.

And last but not least General Conference– I love it- Come listen to the prophets voice has been in my head all week. It always seems like whatever I have that is concerning me or questions that I have they are always addressed and answered during conference. I don’t like going anywhere else during conference though because I always end up crying through most of it- and that’s just awkward, but when I feel the spirit so strongly I react by crying. We’re so so so blessed to be able to listen to the prophet and hear his comforting words. I love love General Conference. On the drive home from the cabin.

So It’s been fairly stressful lately here and when it gets that way I tend to not talk to anyone.(so sorry blog) Dave’s been interviewing like crazy with companies, working on his senior project of genetic algorithms, doing school, trying to work, going to Utah and back again and life has just felt like it is speeding by lately, Dave’s last semester is almost half over already.(scream of fright and excitement)

Anyways Dave went down to BYU for an interview with Microsoft almost two weeks ago now and even though it felt like he had a snowballs chance in H$%@ we thought hey what could we lose, A week later they emailed him for a second interview and want to fly him out to Seattle, So he picked some dates and they got back to him today for Oct. 10th. Before it seemed not real so much, now it’s just feeling crazy, insane, holy cow, don’t want to get our hopes up, Seattle, Microsoft, what?, stress, nervous, this is crazy! Ya so this is what is going on in my life right now- Even if Dave doesn’t get a job with Microsoft I’m very proud of him even getting a second interview, Who knew I married such a smart computer nerd. I sure do love that man :)

Still no camera battery charger, :( It is so hard to post without fun pictures. I eventually broke down after searching the whole stinking house and even garage and ordered a new one. But it won’t be here till the 2nd- AHH the torture of waiting for it. I’m in the middle of reupholstering a chair, a real chair that is more than the seat and it’s quite the project, My mom said I probably couldn’t do it and to not try it so ya I had to do it than, But it’s tan and truthfully I’m bored with it, I should just finish it today. Dave’s gone today to Utah though so I’m kinda in a sour mood- I hate hate hate sleeping alone at night (mostly cuz’ I’m a scardy cat and have a wild imagination) Here’s a pic from my point and shoot of the messy recovering project that I may or may not like. Jeez what a grumpy post, I need to just finish the chair probably and than I’ll feel better cuz’ my house won’t be in such a mess with fabric and thread all over the place. Ok I’m off to finish it, If I don’t post pictures we’ll know it turned out horrible :)

Learning to Cook!

So I’ve struggled with cooking for well 5 years now, since I’ve had to cook. I can follow a recipe or whatever else but it never tastes good to me or by the time I get it made, It’s taken so long and been such a torturing process that I’ve lost my appetite plus the fact that I’m a picky eater could play a role, but just a small role!

I went in search of learning the basics, there’s obviously people who love cooking and if maybe I could be more creative with cooking it would be more enjoyable. I found Chef Todd Mohr and I must say I love all his episodes, he’s funny, he teaches the basics, I no longer own chipped crappy Teflon pans, and I am excited about cooking again. He comes out with a new episode every week day, It’s usually the first thing I do in the morning now, Have a laugh and a cooking show- so not me, or so I thought. Anyways I thought I’d share, he’s sure helped me a lot.