No pictures :(

Can’t find this- and am very upset- I don’t wanna post when I don’t have any pictures, Ya I now can admit I’m addicted to photography, I’ve been miserable without my camera.
It’s crazy that I can’t find it, I’m a little bit OCD in the fact that everything has a place and everything in it’s place (just ask Dave he of course loves it- not), it’s home was either an outlet in the study or in it’s case and it’s not there and I’ve been going crazy to find it I have pretty much searched every possible and not possible place it could be– WHY oh Why, where have you gone my little camera charger, I don’t want to shell out $40 for another one, I liked you, please come back, please, I promise I’ll be even nicer to you and love and cherish you forever.

Creativity and Education

Hubby shared this video with me and I thought it was very True, We are educating our children out of their creative capacity. It’s a long video but worth it.

“The whole structure of education is shifting beneath our feet.”
One of my favorite videos on the web and a tough act to follow. Sir Ken Robinson calls attention to the fact that nobody has a clue what the world will look like in five years and yet we face the challnge of educating our children for the problems we will face in 20. Fortunately, children have this tremendous propensity for innovation and it is just such creativity that will be critical to solve these problems. He suggests that we are educating our children out of their creative capacity when we should be placing an equal emphasis on creativity as we do on literacy. This will require a fundamentally new approach to education that grasps the fact that “if you’re not prepared to be wrong you will never come up with something original.”
Developing the skill sets and communities that help to facilitate innovation in the global economy will undoubtedly be a core element in addressing some of the crises we are facing as a planet.


1st day school, homemade Icecream, Fall, and a new Chair :)

This weekend was a Foster weekend on Friday we welcomed home our nephew Klint from his mission, than on Saturday night we went and played Halo and call of duty at our neice Mandi and her hubbies home, later that evening they went and had their baby, it was six weeks early but is doing very well, On Sunday we went to our our nephew Reily’s baby blessing and ate at their home and than we went to Mom & Dad’s for the Welcome home Klint see ya later Jordan (who’s joined the army)Homemade Ice cream party. The Foster clan is huge now there was about 40 people there, Dave always gets stuck making the Ice cream so he’s out in the shop alone while everyone else is in the house enjoying the party and usually by the time he gets the last ice cream made (they made 4 batches this time) everyone is getting ready to leave. I think it’s funny :)
On Monday was Payton’s first day of Preschool- I was much more nervous than I thought I would be, especially after dropping him off, I was really concerned about just leaving him there alone with a whole bunch of people I didn’t know- it was a weird feeling, Payton loved it though! I tried to take a picture of him like my mom always took of us holding a sign on the first day but for some reason our front porch was just so much more interesting than having a picture taken.
Also this weekend I was allowed(by Dave) to decorate for fall, as long as I kept the pumpkins put away until october :) I love the colors of fall so I’m always anxious to decorate for it. Don’t judge to harsh on my decor though, we’re poories and alot of my stuff I’ve had to fix up from DI and just use whatever I could find- I always do love the after holiday’s sales I can afford some stuff when it’s 90%off anyone want to hit the sales with me this year? Fall is always so fun!
And last but not least My NEW CHAIR! Found the chair at DI for $5 and I am always looking for seating- see foster clan note above; I can never have to many seats when I have to seat 40 or so people occasionally- But I wanted it to just be a fun chair nothing to serious I have enough tan and brown and neutral, Dave calls this my hooker chair but whatever I’m kinda still undecided on it myself I not the fondest of the hole backing stuff but maybe it’ll grow on me we’ll see. Anyways my three hours without Payton is up and I gotta go and pick him up!

The weekend

So This weekend we were planning on going Backpacking with my Dad, to one of the obscure, hardly any trail, lakes that he loves going to- We were packed, ready to leave, Brynley at the babysitters,wide angle lens on my camera, when plans fell through- :( It sucked, and my backpack was so ready so see the light of day. So ya than we unpacked. -So fun-

Well Payton was very disappointed that we weren’t going so we called our friends and suggested the idea of just going up the canyon and having some dutch oven cooking and roasting marshmallows, no one could go- bummer, this wasn’t our weekend. Instead we went to Dave’s parents and had a little dutch oven roast out in the back yard, which was fun- I like his family, and we were previously invited to go 4 wheelin with them on Saturday so we took up the offer.
They wanted to meet at the break of dawn- they’re earlies, 6 is late in the morning to them- we made it by eight- It’s so hard getting everyone ready especially when we had a late night the night before. But we went up with Uncle Steve & Renae, Mom & Dad and Us and the kids. It was dusty but fun, It wasn’t to fun when Dave almost tipped us on a steep huge rocky hill, not only was I trying to bail off but I was trying to get Brynley off at the same time, I succeeded and Dave got the machine at least back on three of the wheels- I felt walking that hill was a much safer option at that point. All in all it was pretty fun, Hope everyone else had a fun weekend.
*Also pardon my pictures my editing program wasn’t working so I couldn’t lighten some of those really dark shadows, Also pardon my landscape photography, I just don’t have it in me to be good at that- I enjoy people more.