Ahh, I’ve been busy and it’s not slowing down it seems and the fact that it’s getting colder–NO! I’m not ready for fall yet, I don’t want to be stuck in the house all day again :(—- If I complain about it, It’ll help right. So I finished Erin’s announcements, these are the one’s she picked. I of course always have my favorites, I really liked these ones but as long as she’s happy I’m happy. I’ve been working on my webpage graphics also which is always fun, just waiting for Dave to finish the working elements of the page and I’ll be up and running-that’s kinda scary to me though, I’m a scardy cat!– Also Dave had an Interview yesterday for a job in Idaho Falls that he really would like so that was stressful, And today I have a meeting for Enrichment to discuss Ideas for Super Saturday activities, and I need to bring examples, kinda stressful, I hate going to meetings like this it causes much anxiety and I haven’t really been that crafty lately cuz’ I’ve been working on more computer stuff as of lately so I’m not all the way prepared.
One thing that I’m proud of that I’ve done lately is I’ve called people–laugh if you want but that’s a big accomplishment for me– I get oh so nervous calling people, even strangers or businesses, or friends sometimes, but I’ve just made myself do it and didn’t worry so much if I sounded like a retard, and I must say it’s getting a little easier, nobody’s ripped my head off yet for calling, I sometimes feel like a little kid learning how to do all the simple things that most other adults have mastered, oh well I’ll get there eventually. But ya busy day, gotta get going. :)

Lagoon -there’s only one one one one one Lagoon- (wow there’s 11,111 Lagoons, who knew)

So we went to Lagoon yesterday- It was an only adults lagoon trip and it was pretty fun. We went with Jake and Jenni Packer, Luke and Kaytee Jacobson, and Jenni’s little brother Drew and his girlfriend. It was a one day trip so it was a lot of driving, but it was way fun! We went on pretty much all the rides and while everyone loved Wicked, I wasn’t too impressed, I’m not a big rollercoaster fan, they have like one thrill and than it is just kinda boring to me. I still Love, Love, Love the Samurai though, I love being tossed around like a rag doll, so much fun! Dave really hates the Samurai and it is so much fun to go with him because while everyone else is laughing and having fun he’s moaning and groaning the whole time it’s so funny to listen to :) The only rides that really get me scared and my heart pumping though is the Rocket RE-Entry, I hate heights and to go up slowly and really see how high you are has me freaked out! and than there’s always the delay of when they’re gonna drop you- my heart just goes into double time mode- so Fun! And the other one is the Wild Mouse, it’s such kinda a small ride but man I hate being up so high and the corners where it feels like your going over the edge and the carts gonna tip off the rails, It doesn’t help either that I’m always sitting next to Dave and they only have one restraining bar for the two of us, it’s squished tight into him and I have like a foot of moving room above mine, ya I really feel safe :)
But the funnest group ride we went on yesterday was surprisingly Rattlesnake rapids, usually when I’ve went on that ride it’s always been pretty tame and just a little wet, this time we had all eight of us in the raft so it was way loaded down and I got the lucky privilege of sitting in between most of the guys, It was Jake, Me, Dave, and Luke, so the only guy on the other side was Drew and the girls so we were a little lopsided on the heaviness side and I was getting soaked even with just the little rapids we were going over, It was way fun though even with getting wet. All in all a pretty fun day and a nice vacation away from the kids. Payton insists he gets to go next year though, If he grows a few more inches he’ll be able to ride most the rides as will Brynley so we might just have to take the kids with us next year. -meh-


So on Wednesday we went bowling, (I know way behind) It’s actually been a fairly crazy week, lots going on for me at least, Dave’s just kickin back enjoying just taking one class :) But I’ve been trying to work on my web page graphics and editing pics and making sample announcements for them and cleaning the house, working on erin’s announcements, going to the family swimming reunion, deciding not to go to Education week,(that was a hard decision to make and it took me along time) trying to follow promptings and yada yada I guess the normal stuff I’ve just felt busy and slightly stressed. A lot of the time I feel like my Camera when it’s trying to focus -vrmm, vrmm,- focusing on the wrong things or I’m to close to focus, Or I’m just jumping around to much that I can’t focus. It’s pretty sad when Dave says it to me too “Focus Ali, Focus”. Anyways ya I was talking about bowling :) 2nd time we’ve taken our kids and they love it! Brynley always does a little hip dance as she waits for the ball to hit the pins, So So Cute! If I ever get a strike I’ll mimic it someday :)

Happy Birthday BIG bro!

Happy Birthday Riley! You an oldy at 28 now! Can’t believe your older than me when I feel always older than you especially in the kid department since you have 0! (you better get crackin :) ) I know you’ll have a fun day cuz’ you are just always happy with even nuthin’ on your birthday (ya your crazy). We love you and your crazy personality :) Wish we lived closer so we could do something at least. Anyways here’s to you Big Old Bro! Happy Birthday!