Pictures with Paul & Erin

Tuesday Night we went and took some more pictures with My niece and her fiance Paul, She had given me some great pictures to make announcements with but a lot of them were grainy and it would have shown on the final announcement, so we went out and took some more, hopefully she’ll like them and we’ll get some good announcements out of them. Just thought I’d share some of my favorites.


I have so many memories from when I was young of camping, and biking, skiing, family drives, swimming and on and on. I want my kids to have the same fun memories too so we’re trying to do more even though there still young. I love going to the mountains and just driving or having a picnic so that is what we did yesterday afternoon. It was scorching hot but it was still fun and the kids liked getting out of the usual.

Payton’s First Talk!

This is Payton’s self portrait he took. :)

So on Sunday, Payton gave his first ever talk in primary. I of course was nervous, I don’t think I ever gave a talk in primary really, meaning my mom almost always had to do the talking for me cuz’ I would just freeze. Payton so outshined me, Some of the kids were actually complaining because he was talking to LOUD into the myke. Payton of course loved it, and wants to do it again soon, he’s left me wondering- “where did this alien come from?”

*note- I am very very glad that he isn’t shy, what a blessing for him in in his life, my prayers were answered! And since shyness is a very debatable subject even between me and my husband, I say I don’t know if your born with it or if it’s from experiences all I know is that for me shyness is trying to train my body to react differently than it wants to, Talking to people my body goes into fight, flight, hide mode and I really can’t think clearly or be myself it seems.

Nieces Wedding Announcements

So my niece asked me to do her announcements for her (which I was super excited that she asked me!) But I have so hit a wall this week, The creativeness just wasn’t coming! I kinda threw together these ones, none of which I’m super excited about- I’ll probably try to do some more this week, but geez I can’t figure out what’s going on exactly. The picture situation has kinda messed with me because alot of her pictures were very grainy and most all of them are horizontally shot so it really limits my options on things, but it shouldn’t make it THIS bad. Anyways I was kinda hoping you guys could tell me what ones you like or certain things you like about these ones, maybe that’ll help send me in the right direction again. Thanks so much