Payter Rooskies birthday

Well once again we have hit the birthday time, I’m wondering when Payton is gonna tell me he’s sick of having BBQ’s for his birthday, cuz’ every year that seems to be what we do. O-well it’s easiest for me to do, but ya I just finished his announcement tonight, I’ve been delaying taking pictures cuz’ his allergies are so bad right now, but we did it anyways tonight because it’s already gonna be kinda short notice for some people, plus his birthday is always so close to the fourth of July and everyone seems to be busy and have plans then. We’ll see what happens, hopefully some people show up because he isn’t gonna get many presents from us and he just loves being around people, he’s such a social bug (we don’t know where that came from, because me and Dave really aren’t too sociable of people)

Anyways if anyone knows any fun ideas for a BBQ, tell me bout them, the last few years I’ve carved a watermelon so it was a star basket, Did very festive fourth of July cupcakes, made popcorn balls, and ya I’m running out of creative ideas so if you have any I’d really appreciate it.

I Like, I Like!

Well since my last posts were kinda serious I thought I’d just post some totally random things that I like, Heck ya to being Random! :)
1-Love this calendar and so wanna make one like it.
2-Angel is my call sign on Halo “Angel sniped soandso” mwhhaha you gotta love Halo
3-I really like the Joy sign on the wall
4-Colorful stairs, who wouldn’t smile going up those
5-Craftsman trim, clean, simple, easy to clean. Love it!
6-Really wanna make one of these, just need an old window :)
7-Craftsman styled house, love it and the columns
8-Dave bought a bigger T.V. and ruined my dreams of an armoire so this is an acceptable replacement- (take note Dave)
9-Love the texture on these rugs, so comfy on the feetsies
10-So love this idea, don’t know when I’d use it but still love it

11-Cooking would be so much more fun if I could look cute while doing it :)
12-Love, Love this hat, next baby is definitely going to have one.
13-Who doesn’t like graphics like these
14-More craftsman’s trim- did I mention I really like it?
15-Wanna do a chair like this one, and I really like the pillows on the other couch
16-Cute, Cute Frames and arrangement
17-Oh Edward!
18-Really like the columns and am so going to find a way for our next house
19-Cute, cute shelves, really wanna make some like them
20-I really liked this logo.
21-and last and maybe least :) A really fun graphic design

Okay this was fun and I so want others to have fun, so I want Kara, Christina, Camille and whomever else wants to, to list at least 10 random things they like.

***Note: None of these pictures are mine and the rights belong to whomever they belong to :) Hope I don’t get in trouble.

Just to clarify

Well just to clarify a little bit so people don’t think I’m vain, I’m pretty sure the money problems quote threw everyone off, and the fact that I’m a pretty vauge person and hard to understand sometimes. Yes money worries, we all have them and it sucks, my ration of gas for two weeks is I get to have $25 which equals 6 gallons of gas, ya I’m really getting nowhere with that, but that’s not all of my stress. Alot of it comes from Dave and school, It’s at the point where he is looking for a job for after graduation which means a lot of changes in our lives, 1st off is finding a job, 2nd we would like to stay close, but there’s not that many computer jobs in this area, so if we are moving we’d have to sell our house and the market is down right now, plus getting it all ready to sell, but I’m not sure if we are selling so I don’t know exactly what to do there, and I’ve never lived outside of this valley, kinda scary for me to move. And then there is his classes, they are hard and stressful and he has to do alot of work and there is nothing I can do about him passing them whatsoever, so I just pray and pray and pray that he’ll get a good grades (did I mention yet I’m a control freak and this is really hard not having any control over the outcome) Another thing is Payton’s preschool, I don’t know where to put him, I hate calling people (it’s torturous to me to call a stranger) So I have to figure all that out and if we’re moving he won’t even go half the year. The other big stresses is just life, I am responsible for every aspect of our life except for Dave’s schooling and work, that means I have to take care of the house, the foods, the bills, the lawn, the clothes, get the garbage out and every other responsibility and worry that comes with adulthood, plus I get to compare my kids to other kids and hope that they are doing okay and that I’m being a good enough mom and carry that guilt along with me when I don’t think I’m measuring up. But this is life and I am sure there are many other people with the same problems or worse. So in short My life is good, I am blessed, most of my problems are fixable and not life detrimental, they just cause stress in my life. And like all your comments we’re in this life together, Heavenly Father is here to help us, most definitely with our money problems if we pay our tithes +fast offerings (this is a fact, as I’ve witnessed this many times in my own life) and we will make it through . Thanks for all your love and encouragement 2, just wanted you to know that all I care about isn’t just the money, though that is a big factor in life and ya it’s nice and okay in my opinion to vent sometimes. :)


I hate stress, in fact I have so much of it lately I have to distract myself from thinking about it for my health. If I sit and think about stuff I seriously can start to feel my heartbeat quicken, I start to feel sick to my stomach and I get shooting migraine pains across my forehead. Worry, fear, doubt- all the little tools the devil uses come flooding in if I sit and think, that is why I have been so wanting to be busy as of lately- pretty much to distract myself and to keep me having Faith. I have to keep reminding myself that Life is good, I know that Heavenly Father knows me and loves me and will help us, not always in the easiest way but the best way, and to just keep working my hardest, doing what I can and most importantly being truly happy. My new favorite saying as of lately is “If the only problems you have deal with money, you don’t have problems.” So I am very glad that I have beautiful healthy children, an amazing husband, the gospel in my life, great family close by, and all the other amazing blessings that I can’t seem to figure out how I’ve been so lucky to receive. So I just need to keep telling myself “just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming, just keep swimming. ” And to fend off that mighty thick dark stress with the light.