K, I have to ask.

Alright what is with the private thing. It seems like more and more, and more people are going private. So if someone would be so kind as to explain this to me, Why? Obviously I know not to share too much personal information, sometimes it helps to know how people use this information against you though too, which I can’t see how exactly the would use some of it against you too. ya so if you know, please share.

I hate it when I finish something and I just don’t know if I like it or not. Sometimes I’m a little picky, ok I admit it, most the time I’m a lot picky. It’s just if I don’t love something or it perform a very useful function it usually is gotten rid of. Dave is not always thrilled with this side of me, but this is how I keep organized. If there is too much stuff I seriously start feeling stressed/anxious, and after I go through stuff it’s like a huge load is taken off of me and I can breath again. I blame this trait on my parents (of course:})them being the opposite and feeling great anxiety at getting rid of stuff. But to each his own right. Anyways I don’t know if I love this page or not, It may just hit the reject pile. I’ll give it a few days though to see if I warm up to it or not.

Nother Night, Nother Page

So I’m trying to get into the habit of doing a scrapbook page a night, that way maybe I’ll get caught up. I probably shouldn’t post them all, but after you finish them it’s hard not to show someone. :) Anyhow today we hit the D.I. and I found some great nightstands to refinish- I’m excited cuz’ we’ve needed some FOREVER. Fun, fun, having projects to do always makes me giddy!

Happy Birthday Mom!

Today is my mother-in laws birthday. I think I really lucked out with the amazing Mother in law that I got. She is one of the hardest working, kind, helpful and loving Moms there is. My kids just adore her and ask everyday to go and see grandma. I know If anything goes wrong I can count on her to be there to help me in whatever way she can. She is one of the most Christ like people I know and I feel the unconditional love that the Savior gives through her example of it. I hope when I am a grandma and have a million grandchildren that I can be somewhat like her, loved and surrounded by all my family. Happy Birthday Today, Mom.