Just keep swiming, Just keep swimming.

So I’m trying to do our scrap books, I must admit I get distracted and un- motivated with them. But tonight I did another page, After doing a few of these pages I’ve noticed that I’m not a frilly bows and buttons scrap booker- I have those that I could use but I just never like them on the page, I’m more into a flat graphic look, but ya just an observation, maybe when I get to Brynley’s more I’ll want those, who knows. Anyhow just thought I’d share.

ABC- Sing with me.

Obviously we watch PBS kids in this household, and truthfully that’s the only thing we watch, It’s pretty sad too that I can tell the time by what cartoon is on at that time. Anyways Payton has been working on the alphabet, and he knows most the letters and the sounds all the letters make. Like I can ask him what does G say and he’ll say guh. yada yada but when we try to get the letters in the right order and say the alphabet he gets all confused. So I went looking for a poster that was cheap but had just the alphabet spelled out, But the only one’s I could find all had pictures on them like A for apple and ect. So I decided I’d make him one and just print it off at Wally world (they’re pretty cheap). Hopefully this works and if it does maybe we’ll make one for numbers too- cuz’ heaven knows we’re confused there. Anyhow I thought it turned out kinda cute, tell me what you think.

Been Down lately

So I’ve kinda been down lately, just too much to do and not enough to do, no time away from the kids, no husband to talk with because he’s too busy and stressed, that time of the month, and yada yada. So I thought I’d post some funnies. Brian Regan always makes me laugh and have a better day. Hope you do too.

Donut Lady

Stupid in School(at least part of it)

Emergency Room Part 1

Emergency Room Part 2

Rain, Rain, GO AWAY!

So we have had rain now for a week, (or more, who knows, it feels like forever) and looking at the weather forecast it’s going to go on for another week. Usually I enjoy rain, I love the smell of it and it’s nice, but the cloudiness and bleakness and the fact that I have stuff I need to do outside is killing me.

So Trudge on we did this weekend, rain or sunshine we were going to mow the lawn and plant some stuff, (I really wanted to rototill my garden so I could plant the tomato plants that are living in my kitchen sink- but who needs a kitchen sink anyways right.)
Out in the pouring rain we worked on Saturday. We planted some little dwarf boxwoods, (they’re my favorite) just hopefully they can survive the heavy wind and snow they’ll get where we planted them and I planted some flowers in my little planter. Who knows if I planted them right or if they’ll grow. It was getting kinda sad that my mother in law would always have to come over and plant some pansies in the thing.I thought I’d at least try this year, maybe they’ll grow outside cuz’ heaven knows anything planted inside is up for a death sentence in the Foster home.

But during this lovely yard work I’ve realized once again that I HATE living in a subdivision.
First off, there is no where to put your grass clippings, it’s in the garden or in the garbage which than is so full that you can’t actually fit your garbage in it, Also Dirt- we poories here don’t have a wheelbarrow so it’s actually a lot of work to take stuff to the garden? Where does it go, ahh in the middle of our sidewalk that sounds good Honey.
The other crappy thing about subdivisions is the closeness and the neighbors and their lawns. Geez people don’t you have any thing else to do than take care of your lawn, guess not. We have just yonder over the fence and ten feet, lovely Charlie- (retired man who seems to be bored out of his mind and really has nothing else to do than make his lawn look freakin immaculate, and walk around outside all day- yes even in the rain) I like him though even though I think we’ve said maybe 5 words to each other, He’s the quiet, keep to himself type that likes to sit on his deck, that looks in my living room widow, and smoke his cigarette and read his newspaper every morning around 9. Feel like I really know the guy. :)

So Anyhow did I mention Subdivisions suck, and I’m sick of the RAIN.