So our friends little girl is turning 3 and when I told Payton that Lizzie’s birthday was coming up he wanted to get her a present. So I had found earlier these big clothes pin like clips that Payton loved to play with so we painted one- he helped me pick the colors and paper- and I had taken some pictures earlier of the kids on the tramp so I decided I’d just print off one of these so we could put in in the clip. And than I got to have some fun designing a birthday card for her. So here’s the card and the pic. I’ll post a pic of the actual present tomorrow when I put it together. Anyhow I thought it was fun, and turned out cute.

Pretty common name

Logo There are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Logo There are
people with my name
in the U.S.A.

How many have your name?

Our Kids must have pretty unique names cuz’ it said 0 for both? hmmmm.

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Well “The Wife” tagged me for this and usually I don’t do these but since she was curious how her friends met and had never heard the stories before I thought I do it.

How did you meet:
Well it was kinda a set up of both of our mom’s. They worked together at the time, Dave had just left on his mission- he’d been out about 6 months and he said he thought I was Hot, we lived together in the same ward for like six years or so but he never had the courage to come and talk to me, at first he thought I was to young and than he thought I was to popular and probably had a number of boyfriends–ya right—Anyways since he was on his mission he decided to write me a letter, he got my address through his mom and my mom- the little conspirators-. Just out of the blue one day I got a letter, so I replied to it, what harm in that? Ya we wrote throughout the rest of his mission, first being friends but than becoming much much more, even though we had never really talk to each other; or really seen in my case, we fell in love.
He got home from his mission in January- we went through a rough stage of getting to know each other and he had back surgery at the time so he only officially took me on one date, and I was working 16 hour days so I didn’t have much time- but we knew it was meant to be and we were married in April.
Who eats more:
He does, it helps because I am a fickle eater and we would have tons left over if he didn’t eat as much.
Who said I love you first:
He did, in a letter, Just at the end of it but it took my breath away- I wasn’t quite ready for that yet.
Who is taller:
Dave is 6’1 and I’m a shorty at 5’4, I like it though that way he can pretty much just wrap his arms around me and all I see is him. :)
Who sings better:
I’d have to say Dave does, I like to sing but he sounds great when he sings at church, or to the radio.
Who is Smarter:
I think it depends on the subject. Math, definitely Dave- but some things I know better than he does. It works out well that way
Who does the Laundry:
I do- and I like doing it- Dave doesn’t ever get the chance
Who does the dishes:
I do mostly because I like to wash them by hand, when Dave does he just throws them in the dishwasher, and than I have to wait until we have a full load to wash them, I feel it keeps the house cleaner just to have all the dishes done right than.
Who sleeps on the right side of the bed:
Dave does, sometimes we switch though when I rearrange the furniture every three months or so.
Who pays the bills:
I do, just because Dave’s to busy to worry about it, but he is involved with all the money decisions
Who mows the Lawn:
Dave does, but it kinda looks like this year I might have to take that responsibility on, I just gotta learn how to work the lawn mower and weed whacker and not cut my legs off.
Who cooks dinner:
I do, I’m actually quite proud cuz’ I hate cooking but for two weeks now I’ve consistently cooked dinner makes me feel like (I am woman hear me roar) Dave will on some occasions though of course.
Who drives when you are together:
Dave- but I’m a great backseat driver for him.
Who is more stubborn:
I’d have to say me, Dave has his spells but mostly it’s me.
Who kissed who first:
Dave did, the day he got released- He kissed me and I turned around and ran into the house I was so nervous, I knew the guy but really I had just met him, the second kiss was much much better though.
Who proposed:
Dave did eventually, It was a weird situation though because he had wrote about it before and when he got home and we were dating it was almost a mutual understanding like we were already engaged- almost from the first we had a temple date and everything and strangely enough he proposed the day I went to get a wedding dress, we had went down to Utah and originally he wanted to propose to me in front of the Christus (sp) but he was feeling some pressure so we drove up to the Bountiful temple and just walked around it, when we were close to the end of one of the fences, they have kinda little grouping of stakes that are taller than the rest of the stakes along the fence, anyways he stopped three of these little stake things down and than proposed to me about always having three in our marriage (H.F. and Us) and said he’d love me and take care of me for eternity. The next day he also took me to the Christus and did it again- It was great. :)
Who is more sensitive:
I’d say we are both about the same.
Who has more siblings:
He does with 6 siblings, I only have 2. It’s been nice that he has such a big family.
Who wears the pants:
We both do- I do over some things in life and he does over other ones, I think we compliment each other very well that way.

Anyways I’d like to hear everyone else’s stories too, so if you read this your tagged!

Scrapbooking- O- Joy! :(

So Scrapbooking use to be fun, at least I thought I liked it, maybe I never did I can’t remember because it’s been so long, and I am so behind now. I ditched the paper scrapbooking, but I’m still called on sometimes to make cards for people so I haven’t got rid of the stuff (I’m just itching to get rid of it though- I’m a little bit OCD on having things clean and organized, and that stuff just is impossible) Even digital Scrapbooking seems kinda crazy, There is no way that I’ll have the time nor enjoyment out of scrapping all my pictures there is just to many. So my solution finally that I came up with is..(drumroll…) to make each year into a book- duh Ali- There’s only 20 pages to fill and I can do that, and the rest I’ll just burn onto a DVD slideshow. And that’s it, that is all I’m doing, nothing else- If my kids complain when they’re older well that sucks, I guess they’ll have to live with the disappointment that I was not a perfect mom. Anyways just tonight I finished four pages for the book (note, I’m talking about the memory books you get printed off at like shutterfly of wallyworld) while Dave was once again writing papers for school. I feel bad for him, he is so sleep deprived and he seriously has to write a technical paper ever night sometimes 2, but there really isn’t much I can do that I’m not already trying to do for him. :( Anyhow, tell me what you think of my pages.