My New re-upholstered Chair
My New re-upholstered Chair

So I’ve attempted upholstery before on some kitchen chairs and when I was done I promptly gave them away cuz’ I hated them. But I found this chair at the good ol’ DI and I loved the legs–Look at those sexy legs :) and it didn’t look like it would take to much to reupholster. .

So off we went to find fabric, it only took two weeks- shopping with two kids is impossible, and I didn’t know what I wanted, I was originally going to go with something neutral, but finding the right neutral color is so freakin hard. So after seeing Camille’s chair, (which is so cute with the red polka dots) I decided I wanted something fun. So here’s my chair I painted it one evening and upholstered it the next so it wasn’t too hard or time consuming, and I lllliiiiiike it and with the extra fabric I made a pillow for our bed too :)

The latest and greatest in hairstyling products
So I’ve finally been working on finishing our desk. I really don’t fall in love with a piece until I finish it. Actually up until then I don’t even know if I like it anymore. It definitely becomes a labor of love then. Anyways so I was putting on one of the many coats of poly on the top when “curse my long hair” my pony tail holder broke and the ends of my hair fell into the poly, Instead of rinsing it right out I came into the house and mommy problems distracted me and took priority. So when I finally remembered to wash it out it had been a while and it was stuck. I’ve washed it and washed it and it is stuck, It holds a curl really well now though- O well- hopefully it wears out. If not I guess my hair needed a trim anyways..

So on Sunday we usually go and visit at least one of the set of grandparents. So we weren’t even close to leaving yet and Payton disappears. We’re looking all over for him, when we finally look in the garage and there he is in the car buckled up all ready to go. Ya he’s an impatient little sucker.