Project 52 week seven {Vintage Ellieana}
One thing that I have learned from this Project so far is that
I absolutely love my little umbrella and off camera flash– {something I didn’t really foresee happening}
But it is pretty much miserable and cold outside here most days in the winter and very cloudy so even with my big windows I still don’t get a whole lotta light– so makeshift sun just upstairs whenever I want it– so fun!! 
{50mm lens  f 2.2  SS1/250  iso100  Shoot through umbrella with flash}
 Lately we’ve had just a lot of impromptu photo-shoots just because we could! I bought this cute little dress from D.I. a few months ago for $2 and have absolutely adored it on my little Ellieana- so I wanted to get some shots with her in it before she outgrew it.
I’m working towards saving up for some nice seamless paper backdrops and stands but until than we’ve just used our little wall. Which is kinda a little boring and plain I’ll admit it– so for these shots I was mainly messing around with editing styles– seeing if I could make something somewhat boring {other than my adorable model!} into having a little bit of style.
{50mm lens  f 2.2  SS1/250  iso100  Shoot through umbrella with flash}
I love the look of faded hazy photo’s but I like my subjects to still have their coloring and bright eyes– well that is something that I have found can go very very wrong and just look weird so I was practicing that on these– still not really feeling like “yes! That is the look” but I’m okay with them :) We’ll get better and keep practicing!
{50mm lens  f 2.2  SS1/250  iso100  Shoot through umbrella with flash}

Project 52 week six {Tabletop photography}
Forever ago when I first started blogging {I think in 2008} I was pretty lonely- it was me and my two toddlers, the hubby worked full time and was going to school full time so I never saw him– and I well never saw anyone really, that was when I discovered the beautiful world of blogs– 
and I felt a bit connected to the world again :)
Well I found A Little Sussy that year and that started my whole love affair of photography– I loved her style of photography {still do} and while I’ve played and learned and just had photography mainly a hobby all these years- I still have coveted her pictures. 
I knew she started offering online classes but I just was always nervous to take them and we always have seemed to have some project or other going on -ya know what I mean!?
But this year Dave after hearing me ohh and sigh and covet taking a class for so long- decided to get me one for my birthday.
So I’ve been taking Tabletop photography and have loved learning all the stuff and doing the homework, and even getting feedback from Nicole! It’s been lots of fun!
Here’s some shots of my homework that I’ve turned in so far
Learning about lighting
and learning about high key and low key styling.

There has been no editing allowed so I’ve had to make sure that I’ve gotten everything good in camera which sometimes is hard– it’s so tempting to just go fix that corner or add a little dodge and burn here :) Ahh I might be a bit of a photoshop junkie :) Anyways if you’ve never seen her work or classes you should check them out– I’ve coveted learning Illustrator better for a while now– crossing my fingers I get to take that one someday! 
Winter Randoms
During the winter I pretty much like to coop up and never go out unless I have to :)
So we’ve pretty much been homebodies for the last few months.
But what we have been doing is:
Playing many much Princess dress up games
 Brynley even made Daddy a crown so he could join in  :) and super awesome Dad wore that crown all day long!
 The kids have very much enjoyed the easy access to their snow clothes that we now have– and have pretty much taken every opportunity to go out and play in the snow.
We have some killer icicles on our roof too- probably not the best thing but I kinda love the look of them :)

 Payton has also taken to cooking a lot for us these last few winter months– I’m loving it!- too bad we can’t have spaghetti, pancakes, and waffles every night! I think he is going to be my biggest helper when the baby gets here!
Mainly we’ve just been taking it easy –I have to admit I have LOVED and treasured my afternoon naps with this beauty :) There is nothing that feels like more of a blessing than getting to lay down and cuddle up and enjoy my little bug for that hour during the day- she’s growing up so fast!
That’s pretty much been the happings round here– I know super exciting right :)
But I wouldn’t trade these days for the world in all honesty! 

Project 52 week 5 {Head shot}

 So for week 5– I was working on an Issuu magazine and needed some images of me for an about me page.
Ugh– I hate having pics of myself done- first off I have a really crappy crappy tripod that I hate so I avoid it light the plague so that requires me to ask {beg} my honey to take some shots for me–

Translated down that means I have a time limit of about 6 shots- to get it right in– adds just a little stress–  I’m thankful that he is willing to do it for me even though he gets sick of it fast {especially with head shots–”you looked fine in that one” to which I just cringe} Come on I can’t be the only one here that feels this way!
Someday-Please SOMEDAY let me get one that possibly feels like and looks like me to me! Well at least that is the wish, until that day I guess I can live with these :)

f 2.8 ss 1/250  Iso 100 flash at 1/16 power with shoot thru umbrella 
f 2.8 ss 1/250  Iso 100 flash at 1/16 power with shoot thru umbrella 
Same camera settings different editing style– one I took the contrast down and adjusted my tones in curves, the other I brought up the contrast.